16 Easy Ways To Be Better At Accessorizing

I have never really been much of an accessories girl, personally. I like a good necklace, obviously, and I definitely value the influence of those massive, Lenny Kravitz-like blanket scarves that make it possible to nap wherever you are. But, for whatever reason, it’s always a bit of a challenge for me to actually buy accessories–like, when I’m going shopping, I’d much sooner spend, say, $20 on a top than a necklace or a pair of earrings.

Recently, though, I’ve been appreciating the value of accessories more and more. You get more bang for your buck with them, first of all–you’ll get more wear out of a piece of jewelry than you would with a top–and they’re also a good way to make an old outfit seem new or dress up something casual to look more formal.

Of course, you can always adopt a “minimalist” style purely as a means of avoiding accessories altogether. Or, you know, just not accessorize at all. There is no law (other than the ever-constant glare of the male gaze, obviously) that says that, as a girl, one must constantly adorn themselves in various baubles and trinkets. (Though that may change under the upcoming US presidential administration!) But, if you do like accessories, and want to be better at using them to complement your outfits, there is obviously nothing wrong with that, either! So, check out these super easy ways to up your accessory game:

1. Know how to pair your necklaces with your top:


You don’t have to follow this to a T, obviously–if you really love a necklace, you can wear it with whatever style of top you like–but this is helpful if you’re not sure how you’re “supposed” to be pairing your necklaces and tops.


2.  Don’t underestimate the power of belts:


Belts can be an awesome way to add an unexpected jolt to an outfit, particularly if you’re into a preppy, Blair Waldorf-type style.


3. Remember that it doesn’t actually have to be that complicated:



As you can see here, it sometimes only takes three separate pieces–a cardigan, necklace, and clutch, in this case–to transform a very basic outfit into something Pinterest worthy. Look through your stuff and see what you have to add some spice to your outfit–you’re bound to have something.


4. Keep the seasons in mind:



Obviously, accessorizing in the winter is going to be different than it is in the summer. Make sure you have enough pieces to last throughout each season.



5. But try to buy pieces that you can wear year-round:



6. And, in the winter, remember that a blanket scarf is probably the only accessory you need:



Blanket scarf = never being cold again.


7. Don’t be afraid to layer your jewelry:



Layering necklaces and bracelets is a great way to make an otherwise simple outfit (say, a t-shirt and jeans) look much more chic. Try sticking to similar colors and textures so it doesn’t look to random.


8. Pair a choker and longer necklace together:


You don’t have to keep the textures and colors the same, though–wearing a cloth choker and longer metal necklace is a great way to make an outfit look more high-fashion without actually putting too much effort into it. Pair this combo with a minimal outfit and stud earrings so there’s not too much going on.


9. Learn how to mix and match earrings with your hair:



You don’t have to follow this exactly, but this is useful if you want to learn how to draw the most attention to your favorite pair of earrings.


10. Try a head scarf:


Head scarves are another great way to make a simple outfit look cool–get a scarf with a cool pattern and pair it with a plain shirt and pair of dangly earrings for maximum effect.


11. Or a partial head scarf tie:


You can also put your hair up into a bun and tie a scarf around the crown of your head if you want to show off your hair while wearing a scarf.


12. Get some brooches:


You might think brooches are old-fashioned, but they’re actually a great way to add a little (literal) spark to an outfit. Putting a few different kinds into your jewelry box (like the ones you see above) will be super helpful.


13. Pair brooches with necklaces:


Brooches look great on their own (as you can see at the left), but they also look cool with necklaces–put a brooch at the center of a collared shirt, put a statement necklace underneath it, and you’ve got a Look.



14. If you don’t like brooches, try pins:


Brooches might still seem a little stale to you–if so, you can try pins. These can also be worn with collared shirts (or pretty much anything else) to add a cool, quirky flair to any kind of outfit.


15. Or patches:



If you’ve got a denim jacket, put some patches (and maybe pins) on it. You can wear the jacket with pretty much anything, which makes it the ultimate accessory.



Keep things simple:


The outfit above is really simple–all it is is jeans, a sweatshirt, sneakers, a bracelet, and earrings–but it doesn’t really need anything else. If you only want to wear a few pieces of jewelry, that’s fine. What’s important is that you feel comfortable.




Do you like to accessorize? Do you have any tips for being better at it? Let us know in the comments!

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