8 Things You Do That Seem Crazy But Are Actually Normal

My boyfriend has an odd little quirk. He doesn’t do it all the time, so it’s sort of a treat when I catch him in the act. He, well, he kind of talks to himself. I know, you might be thinking, “Uh, isn’t that a problem?” I don’t blame you; we all think we know a lot more about mental health than we think we do (yes, even those of us with mental disorders). With the help of the media and even a little IRL experiences, it’s natural for us to immediately assume that talking to yourself means that you’re–to use a not so PC term–“crazy.” In fact, some of you might mutter to yourselves every now and then and fear that you might have unresolved issues of your own.

First of all, don’t panic.

Second of all, there are a lot of weird things that we all do or can’t control that seem really bizarre, but they’re actually exceedingly normal or, at the very most, not all that rare. From thinking about doing violent things, to walking into rooms and totally forgetting what you were looking for, to having an obsession with a fictional character, here are eight things that we do that seem crazy, but aren’t.

Walking Into A Room And Forgetting WTF You're Doing

No, this isn't a sign of early onset Alzheimers. This is actually a phenomenon called "doorway effect," and we're more likely to forget something that's on our mind when we pass through a threshold. Weird, huh? It's like our brains get the eraser tool treatment. There's no way around it, as far as scientists know, so you'll just have to deal with it. It's okay, you're not alone.

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Disturbing, Morbid Thoughts

Our brains are weird, and our thoughts can be especially weird. Luckily, you're not a total freak for suddenly imagining your own untimely death, or thinking about your parents or bae getting into a car accident, or imagining a terrorist attack, or thinking, "hm, what would happen if I just pushed this stranger into traffic?" These are called intrusive thoughts, and despite how dark they can be, they're incredibly normal. We all have them, not just you. However, if your thoughts are venturing into suicidal ideation territory more often than not, you should consider speaking to a mental health professional ASAP.

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Thinking Cilantro Tastes Like Soap

Does cilantro tastes weird and soapy? Is your mind completely boggled as to how anyone can enjoy such a disgusting herb? Well, first of all, I'm so sorry you're not able to enjoy the amazingness of cilantro, but it really doesn't taste like that. And no, you haven't gone bonkers for thinking that it tastes like crap. Actually, this can all be explained pretty simply: Your genes are wonky. Okay, but in all seriousness, the four to 14 percent of you who think cilantro tastes like soap have a shared group of olfactory-receptor genes called OR6A2. These genes zero in on aldehyde chemicals, which are found in cilantro. Do you know where else they're found? You guessed it: soap. But there might be ways to become more tolerant of cilantro if you really want to enjoy it like the rest of us. Think about it.


Talking To Yourself

Whether you're talking aloud or whispering, speaking to yourself sounds a lot weirder than it actually is. There's actually a name for it: Private speech. Want more reassurance? Think about the times when you're most likely to talk to yourself. Are you calculating something? Maybe you're planning something out or rehearsing a line to deliver the next time you're around your crush. Or, maybe you're in a bad mood and you're trying to calm yourself down. Not only is this nothing to worry about, it can actually be helpful; talking your way through a problem or task can actually improve your performance.


Getting Emotionally Attached To Fictional Characters

Any of us who have been super invested in a particular fandom know what it's like to get very emotionally attached to fictional characters. Believe it or not, that obsession isn't an indication that you're a weirdo who has lost your damn mind. The reason is simple: Empathy. Yes, empathy, the thing that most of us have, and the thing that we're able to extend to people who aren't even real. The thing is, in a neurobiological sense, it can be a little tricky sometimes to decipher the difference between fiction and reality, especially when it comes to our emotions. Check out this piece to find out more, it's absolutely fascinating. You'll feel a little justified about your CAPSLOCK session about your favorite characters. Don't feel ashamed of that fanfic, okay?


Yawning After Seeing Someone Else Yawn

You might not think you're losing your mind when you do this, but it might strike you as strange. Well, it happens to all of us. I feel like I'm particularly vulnerable to it. I swear, I've yawned after watching a cat yawn; hell, I've even yawned after seeing someone do it on TV! There have been several studies about contagious yawning. For years, it was associated with the notion of empathy. In other words, you see someone (or something) yawn, and your yawn in response was basically the biological equivalent of, "OMG same. I feel you, fam." But new research indicates that that's not necessarily the case. So at the moment, we really don't know why half the population yawns when they see someone else doing it.


Imagining Yourself Doing Violent Things

Remember what I said about intrusive thoughts? Yeah, that counts here as well. Again, as disturbing as it might be to imagine yourself killing the kid you're babysitting, you're not an actual danger to that kid by default. Remember, there's a difference between a thought and an action, dude. The only time you should be concerned is if you become obsessive about your thought process, particularly one that is violent in nature. That could be a symptom of OCD, but don't get diagnosed by the internet; see a doctor if you can or talk to a school counselor.

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Sleep Paralysis

Have you ever woken up while in bed, but couldn't move? You weren't having a freaky dream, dude. That's called sleep paralysis. Basically, when we sleep our bodies produce a chemical that relaxes our muscles to the point of virtual paralysis. Why? So we don't act out whatever the hell we're doing in our dreams! Of course, by the time we're ready to wake up, that's no longer an issue. But sometimes, the brain gets confused, and you end up waking up without those paralyzing chemicals wearing off. Cue freak out, because you legit cannot move. Don't worry, this isn't anything to be too concerned about. It happens every now and then.

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Who else should be on this list? Do you think anyone is on this list who shouldn’t be? Tell us in the comments!

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