17 Feminist Clothes And Accessories You’ll Want To Wear Every Day

Whether you call it female empowerment, girl power, feminism, whatever… it’s all been pretty highly commodified. By that I mean, it’s become profitable to sell things–celebrities, clothes, music–by asserting that it’s feminist, because feminist is cool now as long as it is delivered to us in a very alluring package. Think “This Is What A Feminist Looks Like” t-shirt shirts sold at a chain store, or the press pushing Taylor Swift’s “squad goals” as some sort of symbol of female solidarity.

There’s a lot of understandable critique about that. Do those profits some company is making off of feminism actually help women out there IRL? Most don’t. At the same time, when it comes to things like clothing and accessories, sometimes any kind of acknowledgement of feminist, womanist, or empowering leanings can be a really effective way to get a powerful message across. Aesthetics do matter, and if a sweatshirt with a powerful message on it, or a cute pin, can inspire just one person to become interested in issues that affect women, that’s important. So, check out these 16 cool female empowerment clothes and accessories you’ll want to wear every day. Better yet, some of these items’ proceeds go to great organizations like Planned Parenthood.

1. “The Future Is Female” Sweatshirt

the future is female sweatshirt

Whether it’s via political power or bending of gender normatively, this is an empowering phrase that is super striking in sweatshirt form. Better yet, 25 percent of the proceeds is donated to Planned Parenthood. They need the support now as we enter a Trump presidency more than ever.

Buy it at Otherwild for $50.


2. “The Future Is Female” T-Shirt

the future is female t-shirt

If you prefer a t-shirt version, no worries, it exists! Pair with your favorite pair of jeans and make a statement wherever, whenever. As with the sweatshirt, 25 percent of the proceeds go to Planned Parenthood.

Buy it at Otherwild for $30.


3. Lady Pin

lady pin weft and hide

This vibrant feminine pin would look awesome on the lapel of your favorite leather or denim jacket, but it would also look good on a blouse or knit sweater.

Buy it at Weft + Hide for $12.


4. “Black Girls Are The Purest Form Of Art” Long Sleeved Shirt

black girls are the purest form of art

This top is black girl goodness to the core. If you’re black, it’s absolutely radical to impose your own beauty and confidence onto the world. Don’t hold back. If people think this is an offense phrase, it says a lot more about them than you.

Buy it at Legendary Rootz for $30.


5. “Support Your Sisters, Not Just Your Cis-Ters” Pin

support your sisters not just cis-ters pin

So often when people talk of sisterhood in feminist circles, transgender girls and women are left out. This pin serves as a reminder that trans women deserve our support and love too; they’re our fellow woman! Leave that cis-gender exclusive feminist BS in 2016, please. Trans women are dying out there.

Buy it at Etsy for $1.75.


6. “Don’t Touch” Sweatshirt

don't touch sweater its me and you

This vintage style sweatshirt serves as a reminder that your body is your own, and nobody else is entitled to it; not a partner, not some stranger on the street, not the government, nobody.

Buy it at It’s Me And You for $50.


7. Stop Telling Women To Smile Tee

stop telling women to smile shirt

Speaking of entitlement over the body, this shirt grew out of a campaign to raise awareness to street harassment, an epidemic which is, at best, annoying and, at worst, deadly. Don’t let men on the street control your appearance, you don’t exist for them.

Buy it at Stop Telling Women To Smile shop for $20.


8. Gender Is A Drag T-Shirt

gender is a drag shirt

This play on words refers to the ways in which gender can be fluid to the point in which much of our gender performance is, ultimately, a bit of a drag show. Whether you’re gender queer or you think the concept of gender is a burden from the jump, this might be the top for you.

Buy this at Otherwild for $30.


9. 100 Percent Boy Tears Phone Case

100 percent boy tears phone case

Yes, there are plenty of men who experience systematic struggles that shouldn’t be ignored. But let’s be real: That doesn’t mean that men can’t inact oppressive or offensive BS on women. Poke a little fun at their gender privilege with this phone case.

Buy this at Valfre for $38.


10.My Thighs Touch Patch

my thighs touch because they love each other patch

Body image positivity goes hand in hand with female empowerment and, in turn, feminism. These patches come in four different colors and 25 percent of the proceeds go to United We Dream, an organization that helps undocumented people in the United States. Oh, and if your feminism doesn’t include undocumented women…then you should probably be a better feminist.

Buy it at Sara M Lyons for $6.


11. “The Patriarchy Is A Pyramid Scheme” Long Sleeved Shirt

the patriarchy is a pyramid scheme long sleeved shirt

In other words, patriarchy is a trap, and a nasty one at that. Let the world know with this DIY style long sleeved tee; 25 percent of the proceeds go to ENLACE, an international social justice organization.

Buy it at Other Wild for $40.


12. More Feminism Less Bullshit Tee

more feminism less bullshit shirt

What is there to say other than yes, please?

Buy it at Nylon Shop for $32.


13. It’s Lit Pin

its lit bra burning pin

Okay, so the bra-burning feminist stereotype is based on a fictional incident that never really happened. But as a feminist, there’s nothing wrong with a little tongue-in-cheek approach to your politics. This funny pin would look great on a jacket and 25 percent of the proceeds are donated to the ACLU!

Buy it at Sara M. Lyons for $10.


14. Women Are Not Seeking Your Validation Tee

women are not seeking your validation tee

Men seem to think that whether it’s what we wear or how much makeup we’re rocking, we’re constantly trying to seek their validation or approval. LOL, no. How many of you think about dude’s reactions when you put on your lipstick? Will guys ever get this message through their thick skulls? Maybe not, but we can rock this shirt and try.

Buy it at Stop Telling Women To Smile shop for $20.


15. Feminist Undies

feminist underwear its me and you

Hm, maybe this should be worn as a litmus test before a hookup. Their reaction determines how far you two go. What do you think?

Buy them at It’s Me And You For $25.


16. “Girls Doing Whatever The F**k They Want 2017” Keychain

girls doing whatever the fuck they want 2017 keychain

Let this keychain be your inspiration as you continue to advocate for your fellow women and girls this year. Trust, we need all the help we can get in this effed up world of ours.

Buy it at The Wing for $15.

Which of these items is your favorite? Do you already rock any clothes or accessories that are boldly feminist in nature? What kind of response do you get? Tell us in the comments!

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