8 Devastating TV Character Deaths You Totally Weren’t Expecting

There are many bad things about TV shows: cliffhangers, when your fave couple breaks up, or when the cutest character turns out to be a huge jerk. But what is perhaps the worst part about TV shows is the fact that your favorite characters usually die. What’s even worse than that is when characters die abruptly, with little or no notice at all.  Pardon me, but, WTF? Why do writers think it’s okay to play with our emotions like this?! I get that it makes for good television that keeps us on the edge of our seats, but it still hurts, am I right? I also know that characters die for practical reasons: maybe the actor wanted to leave the show, or their storyline just didn’t work anymore. That doesn’t make them any less sad, IMO.

I actually don’t know why TV deaths are so upsetting. When you think about it, they are fictional characters who don’t exist. You shouldn’t care that much about made up people, right? But so many of us do, since TV characters tend to stick with us like friends. I know I’m getting corny AF, but I mean it! We all love ~connecting~ with the experiences of fictional characters, even if they’re not real. So, naturally, we get upset when they die, especially when it comes out of NOWHERE! But, even though they are dead, that doesn’t mean we can’t honor them in some way. If you, too, get wayyyy too emotionally attached to TV characters, I bet you still aren’t over these fictional deaths:

Also: there are major spoilers ahead. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Barb From Stranger Things

Can you tell I'm not over this? It didn't really make sense that Barb died, since Will was taken by the same demon much earlier than she was and he somehow survived.  But, Barb will unfortunately never get to wear another inspiring '80s outfit, since the monster killed at the end of season one. Sad face. You can stream this show on Netflix.

Jenna From The Vampire Diaries

This death was just...so cruel. Jenna was Elena's only guardian after her parents died, and she was the ~cool~ aunt who everybody loved. Unfortunately, she was killed in season two for basically no reason, and it left every fan (including myself) sad AF. You can watch this show on Netflix.

Scott From Beverly Hills 90210

Scott's death was actually a commentary on gun control in America. Scott had very little friends, and invited people from his school over for his 16th birthday, where he tries to impress them by bringing out a gun. He accidentally shoots himself, and dies from his injuries. It was totally unexpected, but came after the actor who portrayed him, Douglas Emerson, decided he wanted to quit acting. You can stream the episodes on Amazon, if you're ready to cry.

Poussey From Orange Is The New Black

Again, this was unexpected and totally heartbreaking, since Poussey was a fan-favorite. Her murder by a police officer was commentary on the recent rise in police killings that have happened both in and out of prisons. The death was sad, but also a wakeup call for people who didn't realize how real police brutality is. You can stream this show on Netflix.

Wes From How To Get Away With Murder

This one was truly wild. I'll admit, this show gets pretty confusing, but I really wasn't expecting Wes Gibbons, played by Alfred Enoch, to be killed off in season three. What's worse is that we still don't really know how he died...they found his body at the scene of a fire, but after examining him, it was revealed that he died before the fire even started. So, odds are good we won't know anything about Wes' murder until the show comes back on January 26th. You can watch How To Get Away With Murder on ABC. go.com.

Prue From Charmed

Way back in the early 2000's, there was a TV show that followed three badass female sisters who happened to be witches. It was COOL. Unfortunately, in season 3, there was a major cliffhanger that left the fates of two characters unknown, and one of the main sisters ended up dying in the season four premiere. The rumors were that the actress who played Prue, Shannen Doherty, was in a feud with another actress on set, which is why she left the show, which makes sense for why it was so abrupt. You can stream Charmed on Netflix.

Lexie From Grey's Anatomy

Okay, bear with me here because I just watched this episode for the first time, so I'm still healing. Lexie was a super smart and talented doctor who was killed when the infamous plane crash during the season seven finale of Grey's Anatomy. Her death came right after her ex-boyfriend Marck admitted he was still in love with her. My heart hurts just thinking about it. What's even worse, is that Mark ended up dying in the next season. The reason for her death was due to the fact that the actress who portrayed her, Chyler Leigh, wanted to spend more time with her family and less time working. A reasonable request, but WHY did they have to kill her like that? So sad. You can watch the show on Netflix.

Ben From Scrubs

UGH!!! For a show that is so funny and light-hearted, they do have their fair share of dark and sad moments. Ben was Dr.Cox' best friend who was the only person he truly got along with. His death was surprising and unexpected. In the episode, Ben is seen walking around and joking with Dr. Cox the entire day, after recovering from leukemia. At the end of the episode, you learn that he was actually dead the whole time, and Dr. Cox was hallucinating that he survived his illness. It was a soul-crushing reveal that I never quite got over. You can stream Scrubs on Netflix.

Which TV death surprised you the most? Which ones did we miss? Tell us in the comments!

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