15 Corny Relationship Goals That You’ll Actually Want

In the past, I have famously (read: not-so-famously) been a little harsh on the entire concept of relationship goals. This, if you are somehow unfamiliar, is the idea popularized by certain Pinterest and Instagram accounts that a relationship must look a certain way to be successful–you know, like, attractive. Well-dressed. Probably heterosexual. Almost always white. But here’s the thing: While there are some relationship goals photos that I do genuinely believe to be actively harmful (most of which fit each quadrant mentioned previously), the worst that might be said about a lot of these so-called “goals” photos is that they are corny.

They are very corny, it is true. Sometimes, though, this isn’t the worst thing. You might even find yourself looking at a relationship goals picture that, objectively, you know is technically corny and you know is technically very unlikely to ever happen, and still wishing that it could happen to you. And that’s fine! Romantic, relationship-based things that, if you subscribe to the school of internet thought that insists upon coating anything that might be thought of as genuine under a comforting shellack of irony, you’ll consider as being eye-rollingly staid–like flowers before dates, mushy notes, candlelit bubble baths, whatever–became popular for a reason. They’re fun! Flowers are pretty, a mushy note from the right person will make your whole day, and a candlelit bubble bath will never not be the best way to feel great after a crappy day.

Basically, it is important to remember that it is not a crime to do things in earnest, nor is it a crime to want certain aspects of life that might be qualified as conventional, even if you generally consider yourself to be a fairly unconventional person. You don’t have to like them, obviously–not many people can stomach a seven paragraph-long good morning text, after all–but there’s also nothing wrong with enjoying something that’s a little mushy from time to time.

So, check out these admittedly corny relationship goals that it’s okay to actually want for yourself: 

1. To take a picture together with a beautiful background while you’re on a beautiful vacation. See? Corny:


2. To take a bath together in another beautiful location on another beautiful vacation. Corny, but cute:



3. Wearing matching face masks and letting everyone know it. So conflicting!


4. Finding someone who wants to help you get through your small stuff:



5. Wearing your bae’s clothes and showing them off. Very cute!

6. Comparing yourselves to cute old people.



7. Bragging about how your S.O. just gets you.



8. Taking aesthetically pleasing shots of yourselves cuddling in spaces that look like they were designed specifically for Instagram.

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9. Uh, this:



10. Showing off your love to the world:


11. Getting matching tattoos:



12. It’s okay to think about:



13. And you know what? This is cute:

14. Taking stupidly cute photos that are corny AF, but also, you know, cute.



15. And of course, stuff like this:


Do you like any of these? Which ones? Let us know in the comments!
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