17 Of The Weirdest Moments From Donald Trump’s Inauguration

Well, uh. That happened.

Of course, by “that” I mean the “imminent Donald Trump presidency” and by “happened” I mean that this presidency is “no longer imminent,” because, technically, it has already occurred. I don’t really want to talk about it or give it attention, but the presidential inauguration occurred earlier today, officially making Donald J. Trump the 45th president of the United States.

I am not here to foist my politics upon you, but if you are reading this, there are a number of reasons why a Trump presidency may not be the most beneficial thing in the world for you that have been proven before, during, and after this election. (Trump’s first action as president was cancelling pollution regulations from the Obama administration that are meant to protect against climate change, for instance. I don’t mean to be dramatic, but this could kill us all!)

Anyway, the inauguration happened, and it, was, uh. Something. Hardly anyone was there, first of all (at least, barely anyone compared to Obama’s inauguration), but there were a lot of protesters. And tear gas. And Jackie Evancho. What a time! So, check out these totally weird moments from the inauguration that, if nothing else, should make you laugh a little:

1. Well, um. Here’s the difference in attendance from 2009-2017:


2. Someone tried to say that Toby Keith…is better…than Beyonce:


3. As a string of protests broke out last night, it became clear that Young Connor here is our president now:


4. Melania Trump brought Michelle Obama a box, for some reason:


5. Kellyanne Conway looked thematically appropriate:


6. Ah, fashion:


7. People tried to compare Melania Trump to Jackie Kennedy. Only they used pictures of Katie Holmes instead:


8. This happened more than once:


9. Hillary Clinton was there. Not on purpose:


10. She and Michelle shared a moment:


11. Barron Trump was not having it:


12. Maybe because of the entertainment?


13. In more sobering news:


14. Heh:


15. Meanwhile, the POTUS account lost ten million followers under Trump’s helm:


16. Even though he used a picture from Obama’s inauguration as his cover photo:


17. Same:

How do you feel about the inauguration? Which of these posts was your fave? Let us know in the comments!

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    Wait, did #17 really happen??