15 Easy Gifts To Get Your Bae For Valentine’s Day

I know that Valentine’s Day can be super annoying if you’re single, or you just, like, hate love. Jk, but seriously: It can be a hard time of year, even if you’re in a relationship, simply because the whole “buying gifts for your bae” thing can get complicated and put a weird amount of pressure one someone. You want your bae to like their present, since it’s supposed to represent just how much you love and appreciate them, but you don’t want to it to be something cliche like a box of chocolates. Unless they ask for that, of course, then go for it. I know that your bae might say “don’t get me any gifts!” and maybe you’ll listen, or maybe you’ll feel the need to be the best GF in the world and get them something anyway. It’s up to you! But if you want to get your bae something awesome, read on.

Whether this is your first Valentine’s Day together, or your fifth, it’s important that you get them something that will make them go, “hey, my girlfriend is pretty freaking awesome.” It can be hard to do that when you have little money and time, though. But it’s okay, there are some unique and cute Valentine’s Day gifts that your boyfriend, girlfriend, significant other or even your BFF will love. Galentine’s day is real guys! Check out these cute little gifts your bae will love to get for Valentine’s Day this year.

1. Buy them an engraved keychain.


Etsy, $9.00

It’s super practical because everybody loses their keys, but this keychain is special and unique, because it’s from you! You can engrave it with a cute saying, or your initials to make it even more personal.


2. Make a home cooked meal.

Even if you’re not a Food Network-level chef, you can cook your bae a nice little meal that they will love. Maybe add an aphrodisiac food to get you in the ~mood~, like avocados or artichokes.


3. Bake something sweet.

These ones are for you @annie_hall28 #victoriaspongecupcakes #glitter #cupcakes #baking #homemade

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Actually taking the time to make your bae their favorite snack is super thoughtful and easy. Everybody loves food, right? Plus, chocolate is an aphrodisiac, so sweets are always a good idea.

4. Make a cute and funny card.


Hey, a homemade card can go a long way! If you don’t have a lot of money but want to let bae know how much they mean to you, make a cute little card with a meaningful message. Or make a funny card with a bunch of memes in it. Your call.


5. Scrapbook/collage something for bae.

I used to do this a lot for my high school boyfriend. You can pull a Leslie Knope and make your bae a personalized scrapbook or collage with favorite pictures of the two of you, or old movie tickets from dates you’ve been on. It’s super thoughtful and your bae will love it.


5. Write them a song.

If you’re feeling super creative, and if you are musically talented, write your bae a little song. It doesn’t have to be some epic love ballad, but they will love anything creative like that.

6. Buyhem a wallet.
Urban Outfitters, $25

Honestly, anyone and everyone can always use a new wallet. Your BF or GF will love to get something actually practical and cute this year.


7. Get them a good book.

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If your SO likes to read, they will love to get a new book to add to their collection. Reading in the winter is awesome, since you can cozy up next to the fireplace or under the covers and spend hours getting lost in a book. Your bae will love it!


8. Buy them some succulents.

Okay, yes, succulents are everywhere, but for good reason: they don’t take a lot of maintenance to take care of, and they liven up a room a lot. Get your SO to add some ~life~ to their room with a cute little succulent.


9. Get your bae some fancy soap.

Soap is kind of perfect. It’s normally cheap, it comes in cool colors, and the best part is that you can pick out whatever scent you want your bae to smell like.


10. Buy them a coloring book.

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Obviously coloring books were huge in 2016, and they are still big in 2017, which means your bae might love one for Valentine’s Day. They are a good way to relax and you guys can make a date out of it and color together.


12. Plan a scavenger hunt.
I’m also guilty of doing this one. If you are low on cash and want to do a ~grand romantic gesture~ for your bae, do a little scavenger hunt. It can be around your house, or even outside if the weather is warm enough.


13. Buy them a stuffed animal.

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Yes, stuffed animals are silly, but your bae might want sometimes to cuddle when you’re not around, and something like a teddy bear would be a pretty good replacement.


14 Go to dinner and a movie.

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You don’t have to limit yourself to objects…you can treat your BF/GF with a fun date night on Valentine’s Day. Sure, it will be basically the same thing as any other date night, but there will also be a ton of other couples around, so you won’t have to feel guilty about PDA.


15. Make chocolate. 

Yes, chocolate is cliché. But it’s also delicious, and super easy to get for your SO. You can buy funny chocolate molds and make your own unique candy bars that your bae will definitely enjoy, like these lego molds.


What are you going to get bae for Valentine’s Day? Tell us in the comments!

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