16 Unexpected Things You Notice When You’re Having Sex

Sex isn’t exactly a simple act. It might sound pretty basic: Put the peen in the vag and go back and forth a few times. However, it can actually get pretty complicated, especially if you’re trying some yoga-like positions. That being said, even when you’re contorted with your legs behind your ears, you can still notice some pretty random things.

I have no doubt that you’re concentrating on the act you’re doing, but our brains and eyes cannot help it. They can pick up on the most random things at the worst times. We’ve all been there. From weird details about the place you’re doing it in to interesting things about your body or bae’s, there are lots of things to notice besides that thrusting motion that’s going on down below. Scroll down to see the 16 unexpected things you notice when you’re getting it on.

1. That random muscle in your upper thigh.


Wow, what is that? I’ve never felt that before. Could this position really be working out a brand new muscle?!


2. How bright the room is.


Why does it still seem so bright when there are no lights on? And it’s night time!


3. How dirty the ceiling is.


Note to self: Something definitely needs to be done about that.


4. How larger the windows are.


Those windows did not seem that big before. That blind better be fully down. The neighbors should not see this.


5. The weird smell of the lube.


What was the scent of this lube? Original? Unscented? Why does it smell like banana and old strawberry?


6. The condom wrappers on the nightstand. 


*Must dispose of those* *Must dispose of those*


7. How uncomfortable this pillow is.


This pillow is great for sleeping, but not so great for hooking up. My neck is not in a normal position. Going to have to book an appointment with a chiropractor when this is over.


8. What the inside of bae’s nose looks like.


Whoa, I see right up in there. Should I tell bae? Should I compliment it?


9. How red bae’s hands are getting.


Okay, maybe this position isn’t so comfortable after all. Should I ask to stop, or could that redness be a good thing?


10. That boobs have a mind of their own.


Pretty sure I’m either going to slap myself or bae in the face…


11. How squeaky this bed is.


Shut up, bed! Do you want the entire neighborhood to know that we’re getting it on?


12. How springy bae’s pubes are.


Look! They just kind of bounce back. Must look away or I am going to start laughing…


13. A twisting pain in your ribs.


Going to have to switch to a position where I’m on top.


14. The frown lines on bae’s face.


Awwwww, look at how hard bae is concentrating to try and make me feel good. Heart.


15. How hot the room is.


Talk about body heat, baby. It’s a sauna in here. I’m sweating like a pig.


16. The feeling that you have to pee.


I just went to the bathroom…and I didn’t even have any water! Should I put things on pause?


What other random things have you noticed during sex? Let us know in the comments!

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