15 Ways To Spend Valentine’s Day If You’re An Introvert

We are almost at that time of year, the day that we all dread, the most depressing day of all time: Valentine’s Day. I’m mostly kidding, because Valentine’s Day can be kind of cute and fun if you’re in a relationship, but if you’re either not in a relationship OR you’re just not really about silly V-day traditions, Valentine’s Day can be pretty lame. I mean, the idea of hanging with your bae and all can be nice, but there is so much pressure to ~do things~ which could make it terrible, especially if you’re an introvert who doesn’t want to do anything that requires too much physical or emotional labor. Does the idea of a Valentine’s Day dance make you cringe? Are you struggling to find something productive to do on the 14th day of February that doesn’t involve crying your eyes out? Don’t worry.

In a perfect world, if you didn’t want to celebrate February 14th, you just wouldn’t have too. Unfortunately, we live in a society that loves to put emphasis on random holidays that don’t really mean anything (what is Groundhog’s Day really for, anyway?) and V-Day is no exception. If you’re not really a “celebrating” type, it’s even worse. Even though there will be a ton of reminders that Valentine’s Day is happening, there are a ton of ways to celebrate on your own, in a traditional introverted fashion. Even if you have a bae, you shouldn’t feel the need to hang out with them on V-day. You’re supposed to celebrate your ~love~ all the time, not just on one day! So, if you’re trying to skip all of the grand romantic plans this year, take a look at these ways to spend Valentine’s Day:


1. Take a bath.

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SELF CARE! It’s important, especially on the day of ~love~. Take a bath to get super clean and comfy. Add a bath bomb for an extra dose of “treat yo’self.”


2. Eat chocolate.

Why are boxes of chocolates only reserved for lovey-dovey couples on V-day? Pick yourself up some chocolate and go to town. It’s your day.


3. Binge your favorite TV show.

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Watching anything non-romantic will help distract you from the stupid holiday. Tv shows are a great way to escape and relax on your own, or even with a friend, since you don’t have to talk that much.


4. Take a nap.

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Napping is self-care too. You need rest. Feel free to take a nap. This year has been exhausting so far, and it’s only January.


5. Spend time with your BFFs.

Galentine’s Day is just as important as Valentine’s Day, IMO.  Invite a couple of you girls over (not too many, just a few!) and hang. It’s low key and fun, so you can feel like you’re not completely alone on V-day.


6. Ask your bae to come over to chill. Like, actually chill.

If you have a bae but don’t want to do some elaborate Valentine’s date, you don’t have too! Tell your bae you just want to hang with them and not do anything too wild, like go on some over-the-top candlelit date or a hot air balloon ride. Cuddle on the couch and take goofy selfies for a super low-key night.


7. Watch an empowering movie.

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I would suggest Legally Blonde, but that’s just me. Girl power. You don’t need a BF or a bae to make this V-day great.


8. Make an awesome playlist.

Add some of your favorite pop ladies like Ariana Grande and Beyonce to inspire you to ~dance to the beat of your own drum.~ Cheesy,  I know, but I stand by it.


9. Take a break from social media.

You’ll probably be seeing a lot of #ValentinesDayWithBae posts, so you might as well just shut your phone off completely.


10. Masturbate.

Again, self love. Do whatever will make you happy!

11. Bake something.
Baking cookies or cupcakes are a good way to spend your time. You get to distract yourself for a bit, and at the end, you get a delicious dessert. Win-win.


12. Draw or color.

Sometimes when I’m in a “not trying to hang out with anyone or do anything ever” mood, I  make little doodles. It’s relaxing and a good way to unwind, TBH.


13. Make a fancy meal for yourself.

Take yourself on a cute date in your own kitchen. Sit across from a mirror so you can keep telling yourself how pretty you look! Jk, don’t do that. Or do! I won’t judge.


14. Or order takeout.

Don’t have cooking skills? Order in. You’re alone, so nobody will care if you pig out.


15. Treat it like any other day.

TBH, that’s all it is: another day. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to do anything. Just relax and do what you want!

What are you doing this year for Valentine’s Day? Tell us in the comments!

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