20 Genius Bullet Journal Page Ideas That Will Keep You Organized AF

If one of your 2017 resolutions was to be more organized, then I hope you have already made yourself a bullet journal. If you haven’t, you need to, immediately. Bullet journals (a mix of a planner, diary, and habit tracker), at least well kept ones, are the height of organization. It’s more than just a daily to-do list or a notebook to keep track of your homework – it’s a place to track every single thing you’re doing or want to do. If that sounds exhausting, it’s because it kind of is. It’s also a little overwhelming. There are a lot of bullet journal page ideas out there, and as much as some of us want to try all of them, it can be tough to stay on top of that many lists.

But if you have the time, I recommend trying as many of the below page ideas as possible, as they will all keep you organized AF. Bullet journals are intimidating to some and laughable to a lot of people, but if you’re into them, then good for you! I made a bullet journal a few months ago, and I find it super useful and kind of relaxing to work on. It sounds silly, but doodling in my notebook or writing out my plans for the week is pretty soothing.

That said, figuring out what’s worth including in your journal can be a little overwhelming. Of course, different things work for different people, but in general, the below example pages are pretty great for everyone. Keeping track of all of the little stuff is a habit that takes some adjusting to, but it’s fun to look back on. If you’re ready to get organized AF and look super put together to everyone you know, check out these bullet journal page ideas. They just might change your life:

1. A Spending Log



Need to work on your money saving skills? Probably (most of us do). A spending log is a great way to keep track of where your money is going, since sometimes it can be easy to forget. You can pinpoint bad habits and be on top of your finances this way.


2. Your Morning Routine Page



If you’re trying to make your mornings better, why not make a bullet journal page dedicated to that? This one outlines what you want to get done every AM so that you can keep on top of it all. Of course, you can do any time of day that works for you.


3. A Birthday Page



Yes, Facebook tells us when our friends are celebrating their birthdays, but what about the important ones you need to know about in advance? Put them all in one convenient place and never forget a gift or text again.


4. Self Care Ideas



It’s great to be organized, but if you don’t spend any time focused on yourself, you’re going to feel miserable. A self-care list is a great way to keep track of what makes you feel good so that you can cheer yourself up when needed.


5. A Book Log



If you’re a big reader, or you’re trying to be one, you should make a page dedicate to the books you want to read. Check them off as you finish them to keep track of your progress.


6. A Password Page



I constantly forget my passwords to everything and am always resetting them. Put all of your passwords in one place so you don’t need to be like me.


7. A Bills Page



If you have bills to keep track of, make a page for them so you can always make sure they get paid on time.


8. A Measurements Page 



It’s always good to know your measurements, whether you’re trying to lose weight or you just like ordering a lot of stuff online. This is a cute page idea!


9. A Monthly Habit Tracker


Some people prefer individual trackers for each day, others prefer larger ones for each month. Do whatever works for you, but this page idea is great for staying on top of everything, even the small stuff.


10. Savings Goals



You could think about your goals, or you could write them down so that you have something concrete to look at. This page will help you save money and keep track of progress.


11. Important Phone Numbers Page 



Yes, you have your cell phone, but, uh, what if you lose it? Or it resets for some reason? Being left with no numbers is the worst. Write down the most important ones in one spot.


12. A Meal Planning Page



If you’re trying to be healthier or to eat better, it’s great to keep a page just for meal planning and grocery shopping. I love how this girl used post it notes so that you don’t have to waste a million pages in your journal.


13. A Chore List



Whether you do chores for your family or you’re keep your own place clean, creating a list like this is so helpful. It makes the work more manageable!


14. A Packing Checklist 



If you travel a lot, this checklist page is a must have. It will keep you from forgetting the important stuff!


15. A Water Tracker



Drinking water is so important! I keep a water tracker in my bullet journal and it really does help me drink more water. This page is a great way to keep yourself from forgetting.


16. A Workout Log



If you have exercise a lot, keep track of what you’re doing with your own workout log.


17. A Key Page



This is for ~serious~ bullet journalers who need to remember what all of their little symbols mean.


18. A Monthly Goals Page



A great way to start off each month is to do a page of goals for that month, as well as keep note of the things you want to do during it. You can do this for months or even full seasons.


19. Doctor Appointment Page



Keep track of all of your appointments – not just doctors – in one simple space.


20. A Planning Page



Want to be hyper organized? You can even dedicate a page in your journal to organize how you’re going to work on your journal.

Which one of these page ideas are you going to try? Do you have a bullet journal? What are your tips? Tell us in the comments.

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  • kinglake

    I have a password page in the middle of birthdays so not obvious to anyone else

  • Liz

    Password page: PLEASE NO. PLEASE REMOVE THIS. This is a really bad thing to suggest – think about what happens if you lose it or if it’s stolen. If you have a problem with remembering passwords, then invest in a password manager app. Much as I love the bullet journal this is not the place to keep passwords of any kind.

    • Oh I love the password page. I’m not going to carry my journal around with me from place to place. So I NEED a password page, I constantly forget passwords. Not trying to argue, it works for some people and it doesn’t for others 🙂

      • Elizabeth Connell Henderson

        Liz, you have a point – BUT – unless it’s for a bank account or an app that has a store credit card – I think the password page is a great idea. I HATE having to reset passwords all the time because I don’t remember them and don’t have access to my master list.

    • Gail

      Liz is absolutely correct! Or if you do have a password page, put them in code. For example, if your cat’s name is fluffy and your password is fluffy123, then write cat123 in your journal. You know the name but someone who finds it can’t figure it out. Social media can lead to many things – including a person impersonating you with friends and saying awful things. They can also see private information about your friends which they may have put in their profiles.