18 Hilarious Examples Of The How Bow Dah Meme You’ve Seen All Over Twitter

If you’ve been on Twitter the last few days, chances are good that you’ve seen at least one tweet featuring a photo of an angry looking girl with dark hair and giant hoop earrings scowling back at you. This photo has probably accompanied text ending in “how bow dah?” and it has probably made you wonder WTF is going on. If this is the case, you’re not alone – yesterday, after seeing a few of these tweets, I myself couldn’t help but wonder where “how bow dah” came from and who this girl was. I obviously Googled “what is how bow dah” and I was treated to this delightful video clip:

According to Buzzfeed, the clip above is from a particularly noteworthy episode of Dr. Phil about a terrible relationship between a mother and daughter. The daughter is clearly, uh, going through something. Her accent “from the streets” is difficult to understand at best and offensively awful at worst. In one short clip, she calls a group of women “hoes,” then threatens to fight them all, then proceeds to threaten her own mother (who is like, “This isn’t the time,” and I’m like, “uh, you brought your troubled teenage daughter on live TV to discuss a private matter, so I feel like it probably is?”) despite the fact that she is a tiny little thing who doesn’t seem like she could hurt… many people.

Anyway, the short and dirty is this: the girl threatens everyone by saying, “catch me outside, how about that?” meaning, “Come fight me, bitch.” Except, in her “street” accent, it sounds like she’s saying, “cash me outside how bow dah” which is obviously much better. The episode of Dr. Phil that this is from is old, from last year, and has been passed around on the Internet before (the video on YouTube has more than 10 million views). But it has resurfaced and become a Twitter meme, as so many great moments in history do. So, enjoy these hilarious tweets about “how bow dah” and try not to say it in real life:

1. In case you were looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day poem:


2. Or you could just be more direct:


3. Actually yeah, this would be great:


4. Nice.


5. Some people are using the popularity of the phrase to get an important point across, which I fully support, especially when it’s being done to help dogs:


6. But most people are just using it to talk about the things they really want:


7. Like romance:


8. The best thing is when someone turned her into Lana Del Ray. I don’t know why:


9. Send this to everyone you know:


10. True:


11. Uh… okay.


12. *clapping hands emoji*


13. A good way to merge two memes:


14. BRB putting this in my Instagram bio:


15. A beautiful poem:


16. Ummmmmmmmmm


17. “My heart is fat”


18. Me:

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