20 DIY Laptop Accessories That Will Make Your Life Easier

The beauty of a laptop is that, on its own, it makes your life easier. A portable computer is pretty much a basic essential in 2017, which means that practical laptop accessories are also an essential. After all, you can’t carry your precious MacBook around in a bag without padding. You can’t use a mouse without a mouse pad underneath it. And how, exactly, are you supposed to use your computer in bed without burning your lap and potentially frying your ovaries (I have no idea if this happens, I just ~suspect~)? There are certain laptop accessories you need, so why not make them?

Of course, there are also laptop accessories you don’t need that you just want – like a decorative sleeve or cool decals or even something that makes the whole thing more comfortable. You can craft those yourself too! I mean, yeah, plenty of stores sell this stuff, and not all of these DIY options are necessarily cheaper (although some definitely are), but the beauty of them is that they’re unique and fun to put together, and they look cool. So, that said, here are some awesome DIY laptop accessories you probably didn’t know you needed. You’re welcome!

1. A Corkboard Mouse Pad



This corkboard mouse pad is easy to make and has a cool, earthy feel to it. Decorate it however you want – this is a really versatile craft.


2. A Cord Organizer



A wrap up cord organizer like this one is ideal for travel, but it’s also great to have in your room so everything doesn’t get tangled and lost.


3. A Giant Mouse Pad



How annoying is it when your mouse pad moves around? Yes, it’s the definition of a first world problem, but this giant mouse pad is the answer to it – and it protects the bottom of your laptop too.


4. A Leather Sleeve



A lot of laptop or tablet tech cases out there are kind of ugly and bulky. Anything nice looking is usually pretty pricey. But if you can sew, you can make yourself a gorgeous and classy looking leather sleeve that you’ll be proud to carry around.


5. A Copper Laptop Stand



Staring down at a laptop that isn’t eye level is bad for your neck and back. Fix the issue by making a laptop stand that will make things a lot more comfortable. This copper one is so pretty!


6. A Lipstick Case For Your Flashdrive



If you use a USB flash drive, then you know it’s easy to lose. Turn an old lipstick case into the most glamorous flash drive case ever.


7. A Marble Laptop Cover



Laptop covers like this can be surprisingly pricey sometimes. Make your own marble one that looks trendy and chic.


8. A Floral Mouse Pad



Want a more feminine look for your mouse pad? This floral design is so pretty.


9. Glitter Decals



Make your laptop look more glam with this easy glittery tutorial.


10. Keyboard Decals



Use something as simple as Washi tape to make your keyboard look fun and unique.


11. A Laptop Bag



Make your own laptop bag that can easily slide into a larger handbag or be used on its own.


12. Custom Decal



Want to label your laptop? Make this custom decal that can say your name, or something else.


13. A Leather Wrap



This leather wrap for a laptop or tablet is so chic! Use it for extra protection when putting it in a larger bag.


14. Laptop Stickers



Decorate your laptop with stickers you made at home to make it a lot more fun and creative.


15. A Laptop Tray



Sitting on your bed with a burning laptop is uncomfortable. A tray keeps that from happening, and also makes it possible to use your mouse. I have something similar and I’m obsessed with it!


16. A Pillow Lap Desk



You can also use an old pillow to make the tray even more comfortable on your lap.


17. A Sweater Tote



Laptop bags can get pretty pricey, but you can get one on the cheap and reuse an old sweater with this tutorial. The belt strap is a great touch.


18. A Wallpaper Sleeve



If you have old wallpaper laying around and have no idea what to do with it, repurpose it into a laptop skin.


19. Keyboard and Mouse Wrist Rests 



If you always work on a hard surface, it can be rough on your wrists. A soft rest is an easy DIY solution.


20. A Wrist Support Pad



Or just make one for your wrists!

Which one of these crafts are you going to try to make? What do you think would be useful? Share in the comments!

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