Quiz: Do You Have A Crush On A Girl?

We all have that one friend we think about a little bit more than our other friends… so much so that we start to wonder if we have a crush on them. But what if that friend is a girl? Of course there’s nothing wrong with one girl having a crush on another girl, but if you always thought you were straight and you suddenly think you might like like your friend, things can get pretty confusing. It can feel weird and even a little scary to wonder if you have romantic feelings for someone you thought you’d never be into. You start questioning everything and wondering if you just think this person is awesome, or if you’re actually crushing on them.


If you’re unsure if you have a crush on a girl, don’t freak out. There are a few ways to tell if it’s a real crush or just BFF feels. Maybe it’s just a one-off thing, maybe you’re bisexual or a lesbian, maybe it’s just sexual feelings. Who knows! Sexuality is fluid, and there aren’t a set of rules you have to follow, no matter what anyone says. Navigating your first possible crush on a girl can be terrifying because it’s uncharted territory, but you’ll be okay. First things first: figuring out if the crush is real. This will obviously involve a lot of thinking on your part, but you can also try taking this quiz to find out if you have a crush on a girl. Then go from there – and remember to relax.

What were your quiz results? Do you have a crush on a girl? Tell us in the comments!

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