8 Girls Share How They Had Their First Orgasm Of 2017

We aren’t very far into the new year, but I’m sure you’ve already had your fair share of wild 2017 stories, whether they are sexual or not. Today, we’re going to focus on the sexual ones, because those are fun to read, and TBH, it’s natural to be a little curious. On the first day of 2017, user Talia2009 came (ha!) to our boards with a very important question. She said, “Have you cum yet since the new year started? If you have share! My first orgasm of 2017 was three minutes ago, I got my boyfriend and I home from a party but he was too sick to do anything so I stripped naked and masturbated.” Honestly, you go girl.

A lot of girls had their own first orgasm of 2017 differently. Whether it was alone, with a BF, or with a hookup, some girls had a pretty good start to the new year. Even if you didn’t have an orgasm in 2017 yet, don’t sweat it! We’re only a few weeks in, and you have plenty of time to get it on. Don’t know if you’re going to be with someone this year? Check out this quiz to help determine if you’ll get an orgasm with a partner or on the ~solo~.  But, while you patiently wait to have your next orgasm, check out how these girls have done it so far in 2017, so you can learn for next New Year’s Eve. 

Have you had an orgasm in 2017 yet? Tell us in the comments!

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