18 Easy Hairstyles That Hide Greasy Hair

If you’re like me, you’re probably a busy girl who barely has time to sleep with all of the things happening in your life. Between school, work, endless to-do lists, friends, family, Netflix binges, and the rest, there just simply isn’t that much time to devote to anything else. One of the areas where we often slack is washing our hair.

It isn’t always a bad thing. There are actually some benefits to not washing your hair, although I do have to point out that there are some benefits to washing it sometimes, too. While there are lots of ways you can freshen up your locks without doing the full shampoo and conditioning regimen, there are also a lot of hairstyles that make your second (or third or fourth) day hair look amazing.

The huge benefit about most of them is that they don’t require loads of dry shampoo and they’re actually easy to do. That means that they require less effort and time than it would take you to actually wash your hair. Sweet. Get inspired by 18 easy hairstyles that conceal greasy locks.

1. High Half Up, Half Down ‘Do



Short on time? Try this half up, half down hairstyle. You literally just need to tie an elastic in the front layers of your hair. If you’re feeling fancy, you can conceal it with another strand of hair.


2. Loose Pigtails



Love pigtails? This is an easy twist on them. Part your locks down the middle then twist each side halfway down. Secure with an elastic then twist the remaining lengths. Fasten with another elastic.


3. Slicked Twisted Bun



This looks complicated, but all it really involves is pulling all of your hair back and twisting the lengths. Anyone can do that, and that includes you.


4. Sleek Boxer Braids



Boxer braids aren’t just super trendy. They also have the benefit of being a great way to conceal greasy locks. If your braid game isn’t the strongest, ask your friend or sister to plait your hair.


5. Hair Down With Halo Braid

Greasy 5


Scoop your hair off your face and braid the ends to form a halo braid. If your hair is on the straighter side, dry shampoo can help you achieve tousled waves. Just squirt some on and scrunch your hair to distribute the powder and to boost volume.


6. Half Up Braided Bun

Greasy 6


A braid plus a bun equals beautiful hair. You won’t be concerned with greasy locks plastered to your head here.


7. Space Buns

Greasy 7


You can never go wrong with space buns. Simply part your hair all the way down the middle and twist each side into a bouncy bun.


8. Bantu Knots

Greasy 8


No matter where you place them, Bantu knots are a great look for making your hair appear fresh. Arranging them around your hairline conceals your roots and frames your face.


9. Textured High Bun



You know how your hair gets a certain texture when you don’t wash it? This messy bun is the perfect way to play it up in a good way.


10. Sleek Boxer Braid Twists



These sleek boxer braid twists double as a protective hairstyle and as a look that makes greasy hair seem less obvious. You’re welcome.


11. Braided Front And Ponytail

Greasy 11


Worried that a slick hairdo with enhance the greasiness of your locks? Pump up the volume with a big front braid and a glossy ponytail.


12. Short Hair With Twisted Front



When you have greasy locks, you normally want them off of your face. These mini twists get your front layers away so you won’t be weighed down by the greasy feel.


13. Twists With Headscarf 

Greasy 13


Adding hair accessories to a dirty ‘do isn’t cheating. Far from it. If you want to wear your mane down, but your locks aren’t looking so hot, pop on a headscarf.


14. Half Updo with Braids

Greasy 14


No one is going to be looking at your greasy roots when you’re rocking this hairstyle. They’re going to be too busy admiring how on point your mane is.


15. High Topknot

Greasy 15


If your tresses are long enough, you probably know that a topknot can conceal many bad hair days. Remember this look when you don’t have time to shower. Note the sunglasses on your head are optional.


16. Half-Up Space Buns With Glitter Roots



Is it the weekend and you just don’t feel like washing your hair? Style your locks into two half-up space buns. If you’re feeling fancy, braid back your hair into the space buns then throw some glitter in your roots. #Slay


17. Oversized Hun



People cannot get enough of huns (half updo buns). This oversized hun brings the bun to the edge of your hair line so it effectively conceals any greasiness.


18. Twisted Messy Bun

Greasy 18


This hairstyle works whether you’ve got freshly washed hair or you don’t remember the last time you washed your locks.


How do you hide your greasy roots? Let us know in the comments!

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