7 Things You Should Never Do After A Bikini Wax

When you imagine a bikini wax, you might think of it as a fairly straightforward (if very painful) thing. I mean, all the technician has to do is basically rip off all your hair from down there, right? It doesn’t sound that complicated. That being said, there are things that you could be doing after your wax that could complicate matters.

There are things that you shouldn’t do before and during your bikini wax and there are also things that you should never do after one. Your skin is already pretty sensitive after having hundreds of hairs ripped from their follicles so the last thing you want to be doing is anything that would make the healing process worse.

If you’re about to get a bikini wax, it’s key that you avoid doing these things for a few days post-wax until down there has returned to normal. You and your vagina will be very happy that you did. Check out seven things you should never do after a bikini wax.

Applying Strong Creams Or Treatments

No, now is not the time to be applying self-tanner. It's not even the time to be applying your favorite scented lotion. It's actually best if you avoid putting anything down there until things get back to where they were in terms of inflammation and redness. If you start putting on creams, lotions, scrubs, or any of that stuff, you could get a bad reaction.

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Using Rubbing Alcohol Down There

Rubbing alcohol is great for a myriad of things, however, this is one time you don't want to use it. It might seem like a good idea to apply a bit to *soothe* the tender areas, but it will actually hurt a LOT. Your pores are basically injured after getting waxed so putting alcohol down there will intensify things. If you think putting rubbing alcohol on a paper cut is bad, it's nothing compared to this.

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Chill With The Sex

You might have gotten that bikini wax ahead of a sex session, but you don't want to start going at it when you're freshly waxed. It's ideal to wait a few days. Just think about it for a second: How pleasant is all of the friction really going to be on your tender bits? Besides, there are lots of other sexy things you can do.

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Avoid Any Other Hair Removal Methods

Did you waxer miss a spot? Yeah, I know it's a bit awkward, but do not go pick up that razor and start shaving. And you definitely don't want to be picking up the wax pot again or a depilatory cream. Your vag should be burning just at the thought of doing that.

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Don't Bandage It Up

Unless your waxing technician tells you otherwise, don't wrap your vag up like it's an injured arm. You especially don't want to be putting bandages on it because you're eventually going to have to rip them off. Ouch. The best thing to do is to let your bikini line breathe.

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Avoid Skintight Underwear And Jeans

Now is the time to give your vag a bit of space. Loose cotton undies are the best thing. Try to avoid anything with thick elastics that will rub your freshly waxed cooch. If you got a full-on Brazilian, you will also want to avoid wearing a thong. All that chaffing will not be good.

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Don't Pick Things

Can you see an ingrown hair or a blackhead down there now that all of the hair is gone? Do not touch it. I know it's hard, but it could lead to infection. Your grubby fingers combined with the sensitive area can lead to bad results. It doesn't matter if you swear your hands are clean or that you're using tissues, just no.

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What mistakes have you made after a bikini wax? Let us know in the comments!

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