12 Common Makeup Mistakes That Make Your Acne Look Worse

Makeup is something that, by its very nature, tends to lead to some mistakes. At some point or another, I’d wager that we’ve all massively screwed something up, whether it’s a winged liner, or a smoky eye, or some sort of highlight/contouring attempt. It’s cool! It’s just makeup. It washes off, you can start again, and, ultimately, it’s not all that important.

The most personally wounding of makeup errors, however, are not necessarily the ones that happen when undergoing complicated procedures that involve intense shading and detail. They are, rather, the ones that happen when you’re just trying to cover something up. I mean, who among us has never put some concealer on over a blemish, only to find that, somehow, the act of putting concealer on has made the pimple appear to double–triple, even–in size?

There are some pretty common–but easily avoided–makeup errors that can either make your acne look worse, or just straight-up actually make it worse. Which I assume is something that you don’t want! So, check out these makeup mistakes you’re making that could be making your acne worse here, as well as some ways to avoid them:

1. Spackling on concealer:



Don’t go too crazy with your concealer right away. Dot and blend small amounts over each affected area, then add slightly more as needed. If you put on too much too fast, your makeup will look cakey and call more attention to any blemishes you have.
2. Putting on concealer before foundation:



Every time you put on concealer, you want to make sure you’re doing it after your foundation. It goes on seamlessly after foundation (if you apply it right) but putting it on before can lead to a weird layering effect that adds volume to pimples and makes them look worse.


3. Picking at a pimple right before putting on concealer:



It’s never great to pick at blemishes on your face, but one of the worst times to do it is right before putting on makeup–this makes the zit look more inflamed, first of all, and it also creates a greater entry point for the makeup to seep in through the skin and irritate the pimple.


4. Applying concealer with your finger:



If it’s possible, try not to put on concealer with your hands–in addition to spreading whatever oils you have on your hands all over your face, this can break down the concealer and make it more see through and less durable.


5. Not using clean brushes:



Clean whatever brush you’re using to put stuff on your face. Otherwise, you’re just applying your old face oils back onto your face, which can cause more breakouts. Plus, makeup applies better when its applicator doesn’t have any residual sludge on it.


6. Not washing your beautyblender:



This might seem like the same piece of advice, but I always thinkof my makeup brushes and beautyblender separately. And, uh, you need to wash your beautyblender. If you’ve had it for longer than you can remember, and/or there are things living on it, you need to wash it (or get a new one).


7. Not knowing what you’re doing when you color correct:


Color correcting is great! It can cover up acne more effectively than plain concealer, and can also give the face a brighter, finished look. You just want to make sure you’re doing it the right way–if not, everything might look worse. Check out how here.


8.  Not using primer:



Makeup primer creates a smooth surface for makeup to adhere to, so, if you want your concealer to stick, you need to use one. This probably isn’t quite as vital as, say, washing your brushes, but if you want to create an even, full-coverage look, this should help a lot.


9. Not using moisturizer:



If you aren’t using a primer, you definitely need to make sure you’re moisturizing every time after you wash. This helps create an even texture and skin tone, and will help any makeup you apply look smoother.


10. Not looking at the product label:



Every product that you put on–and especially things like moisturizer, foundation, and concealer–need to have a label that says “non-comodogenic” or “won’t clog pores” on it. Otherwise, the makeup will clog your pores and lead to breakouts later on. Plus, since your skin can’t breathe under all that makeup, it’ll probably get shiny and oily.


11. Using too much translucent powder:


Powder can be great to help set makeup and act as a highlighter. But if you put on too much, it can dry out your makeup too much and lead to cracks and cakiness all over the face. So, treat face powder like you would any other product, and use it with discretion. If you need more, you can always put it on later.


12. Not washing your face:


I mean, you know this already. But it needs to be said! Makeup will not look very good–and, in fact, will actively make you look worse–if you don’t wash it off every night. So, do that.

Have you ever made these makeup mistakes? Which ones? Let us know in the comments!

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