Is It Okay To Use Soap To Clean Your Vagina?

Hi Heather,

Is it okay to use liquid soap to wash down there? It’s scented but I bought a lot and I didn’t know if I should buy bar soap just to clean my vagina. Also, should I be using the family bar soap in the shower that everyone uses? Or should I buy my own soap to use it down there?


The question of how to clean your vagina and what to clean it with is one we get constantly here at Gurl – and for good reason! Your down there area seems like an area of your body that you need to pay extra attention to in the shower. After all, it does sweat and produce discharge and sometimes produce blood, and if you’re having sex, it meets other genitals, and uh… I don’t think I need to go into too much detail. But is it okay to use soap to clean your vagina? Let’s get to the bottom of it once and for all.

Believe it or not, your vaginal area does not need soap to stay fresh and clean. In fact, using soap will make it not-so-fresh, as it can upset your delicate pH balance down there and cause an infection, which means extra discharge and some questionable smells, as well as irritation and itchiness. If I HAD to pick a soap for you to use, I would say absolutely stay away from the scented liquid soap you bought, and only use an unscented bar soap. And, yes, use your own unscented bar soap. Don’t share bar soap with members of your family. You, uh, don’t know where that thing goes.

But, really, I advise staying away from any kind of soap down there. In fact, some girls can get infections or get irritated down there just from using scented liquid soaps on other parts of their body (it trickles down in the shower). You might not be that sensitive, but still – your vagina doesn’t need soap! The coolest thing about it is that it’s self-cleaning and basically takes care of itself. It’s when we mess with it that it starts getting out of whack. All you really need to do is wash it with lukewarm water and let it do its thing.

Also – don’t be fooled by the soaps out there that are marketed towards the vaginal areas. Marketing has a way of making them seem wonderful, but those can also mess with your pH balance and cause infections. You’re better off leaving your vag alone and relying on warm water on a regular basis. That’s my final answer!

Good luck!

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