16 Surprising Vagina Discoveries Everyone Has

It’s pretty crazy to think that we’re in our bodies, yet we don’t know everything about them. While you might think that you know a lot about your body now (and what it likes and doesn’t like), there was a time when you probably weren’t as informed. It has probably taken some experimentation and the occasional use of a hand mirror to get acquainted.

One area where you have probably made a few discoveries is with your vagina. ~*Down there*~ can be a bit of a mystery, because it’s down there. Sometimes you probably made a conscious choice to try and figure out more about what’s happening down there. Other times, you probably made some surprising discovers while you were in the shower or bathtub. Take a look at 16 vagina discoveries that every girl makes at some point.

1. Where pee actually comes from.


Everyone had that day when they were shocked to discover that pee came out of a totally different hole than they thought it did. (You know, your urethra instead of, like, the actual vagina.)


2. That there’s a lot more down there when you spread your legs.


Remember when you just thought your vagina was what you saw when you were standing in front of the mirror with your legs together? Oh, how a different perspective changed that.


3. That there’s actually a hole down there.


The vagina was all about the exterior, yet now suddenly there’s a hole? Boy, that was a big discovery day.


4. That there’s hair growing down there.


Ahhhh, puberty. You’re showering away, minding your own business, when suddenly you feel something different down there.


5. …And there’s hair growing further back, too.


This is when you began to question why you didn’t regularly look at your vagina in a mirror.


6. That is where the penis goes.


Remember when you had no idea where a peen really was supposed to go if you have heterosexual sex? You probably thought it just went between things, did you?


7. That there were double lips.


What?! What do you mean there’s another set? You weren’t even concerned about names. You were more concerned about trying to figure out this discovery.


8. That is what the clit can do.


Wow, that definitely was a memorable one. Here you probably used to think that the clitoris was where pee came from and now you’ve discovered it’s a magic button. Oh, how wrong you were.


9. That blood can come out looking very weird.


Yay for periods and the joys of discovering weird, clumpy blood.


10. Looking in a mirror is not the same as looking in a hand mirror.


You’ve seen the Sex in the City episode and it is so true. It gave you an entirely new perspective about what’s going on down there.


11. That discharge came from your vag and it was okay.


That was a confusing day. You weren’t sure whether you were having some weird sort of period or whether you needed to go to the doctor. Thankfully it turned out okay in the end.


12. That vaginas can make noises and you can’t really control them.


Ah, queefing.  That was a surprising discovery for sure.


13. That is really where you’re supposed to put the tampon.


Up there? And it’s just supposed to stay? And I’m supposed to do what with the string?


14. Vaginas aren’t invincible.


Lesson (sorely) learned. Why did you ever think that vaginas can’t bruise or get cut?


15. Putting a penis in doesn’t feel that great the first few times.


Hands up if you wondered whether everyone was lying to you about how good sex felt the first time you did it? #Painful


16. The realization that a baby might come through there someday.

clothes 16

Yeah, you still don’t think you were ready for this discovery…


What other vagina discoveries did you make? Let us know in the comments!

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