15 Foolproof Ways To Deal With Frizzy Hair

Out of all of the hair problems there are, frizz might be my biggest enemy. Greasy locks are an issue for me, but normally I find I can get those under control with a good dry shampoo and regular washings, but frizz is one beast that isn’t tamed as easily. (Pun intended.)

If you’re like me, you might feel like giving up, but you don’t have to. If I’m not, you’re not, sister. Thankfully there are a number of ways to deal with frizzy hair. Bonus: Most of them don’t involve expensive products or random DIYs that require you to buy ingredients from a random online shop you don’t 100 percent trust. If you want to take your locks from frizzy to flawless, check out the 15 ways you can deal with frizzy strands.

1. Do Not Rub Wet Hair



It will take longer, but it’s much better if you blot your hair when you step out of the shower. All of that aggressive rubbing you normally do to get it dry is just going to make your locks more prone to frizz. Be gentle, okay?


2. Put On A Moisturizing Cream



One of the big culprits of frizz is dryness. When your hair is dry, it expands looking for moisture, and that’s basically how you get frizz. If your locks are looking or feeling parched, try adding a nourishing lotion to the tips.


3. Stop Touching Your Hair



Yeah, touching and twirling you hair might be all flirty, but it can also make your hair super frizzy. If you don’t want your locks to start frizzing up, it’s best if you avoid touching your hair.


4. Think About Your Pillowcase 



You know that nice, cozy pillowcase you sleep on every night? It could be contributing to your frizz problem, especially if you’re sleeping with a cotton or a flannel variety. To keep pillow frizz to a minimum, you can try switching to a silk pillowcase.


5. Blow Dry Your Hair Fully



Do you dry your hair until it’s almost dry, but not 100 percent? Do you just figure that the rest can air dry? It might save you time, but it can result in a frizzy mane. That’s because if there is any moisture left in your hair after you dry it, it will frizz up.


6. Rub A Laundry Sheet In Your Hair



Good old laundry sheets take care of static in our clothes and they can also do the same for our hair. If you’ve got a sudden case of the frizzies, try picking up a sheet from the dryer and gently rubbing it along your part line.


7. Use Cooler Water To Wash Your Strands



Who doesn’t love a hot, steamy shower? While you might love it, you hair probably doesn’t. If the water is too hot, it can cause you hair to dry out and that means more frizz. When you’re washing your hair, try to stick with lukewarm water. You’ll be glad you did later.


8. Try A Nourishing Mask



You can DIY it or pick one up at the store. The thing to remember is that you do it on a regular basis to keep your hair in top condition. In the winter, it’s a good idea to be applying the mask once a week to prevent the cold from wreaking havoc on your silky strands.


9. Blow Dry Your Hair In The Right Direction



If you’re just randomly moving that blow dryer around your head, you’re getting your hair dry, but you’re also probably creating frizz. When you’re doing your hair, you should try to always have the blow dryer pointing down. This will help your hair to lay flat which means less frizz.


10. Remember To Use Conditioner



Yeah, it’s another extra step, but it’s worth it. Plus, how long does applying conditioner really take? Two minutes, max? The key thing to remember is that if your hair is moisturized, it’s less likely to frizz. Dry hair equals frizz central.


11. Brush Your Hair



You might think that brushing your hair makes it stand up on end, but brushing can actually be very good for unruly locks. The reason? When you brush your hair, you’re distributing the natural oils from your roots down to the ends. These oils will help keep things under control.


12. Use Some Excess Hand Cream On Your Ends

frizz 11


Are you out and your hair is acting up? If you have some hand cream in your purse, it can help deal with your frizzies. Apply the hand cream to your hands then use the excess product on your hair. Just be aware that you only need a bit to get the job done.


13. Avoid Overwashing Your Hair



If you’re using a strong shampoo, it can be stripping the natural oils from your hair. That results in dry hair and more frizz. Try to cut down on your washing days and make sure you select a gentle shampoo that won’t strip you hair. If you’re locks aren’t greasy, you can even choose a hydrating formula.


14. Use A Toothbrush And Hairspray



Do you find that all those baby hairs around your hairline are the frizziest parts of your head? Tame them by applying a bit of hairspray to an old toothbrush. Then gently run the brush over those areas. You’ll have a tamed mane before you know it.


15. Wear A Silk Scarf In Your Hair When You’re Sleeping



Don’t feel like getting a silk pillowcase? You should think about getting a silk scarf. If you wrap your hair in one before you hit the hay, it will help keep your locks under control. Unlike your regular pillowcase, the scarf won’t mess with the moisture levels in your hair.


How do you deal with frizzy hair? Let us know in the comments!

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