25 Adorable DIY Pom-Pom Accessories You Need In Your Life

Pom-poms are one of those decorative things that you probably don’t really think about it unless you see them on something you love. But honestly, maybe we should be seeking them out a little more. Pom-poms are cute to look at, and they also make anything they’re on automatically look more fun and vibrant, making them the perfect accent to add to any old item that needs a bit of a makeover. Because, sure, you can find pompom accessories, home decor, jewelry, and even clothing all over the place, but a little DIY action is a lot more interesting and unique. If this sounds interesting, you’re in luck, because Pinterest is overflowing with pom-pom crafts that you’re definitely going to want to try.

Pom-poms are actually much easier to create than it seems, and so once you have the basics down, the possibilities are kind of endless. They look good on almost anything! Brightly colored pompoms, like pinks and yellows, stand out with a bold look that screams “summer,” while pom-poms in neutral shades like white or black suddenly seem a little bit more elegant and subdued. There’s something here for everyone, though, whether you want a cute pompom accessory to liven up your wardrobe or something nice to use in your bedroom. Here are a few pom-pom crafts you need to make ASAP: 

1. A Pom-Pom Clutch 



This clutch is a little complicated to make, but the eclectic end result is worth it. Colorful pom-poms make this beaded clutch look a little bit more boho and beachy, making it perfect for a slightly more casual night out – or a cool tropical vacation.


2. Pom-Pom Throw Pillows 



At first glance, throw pillows might not be your number one craft choice, but they can actually make any room look more fun and put together. I love these colorful patterned throw pillows, and for me, the pom-poms are what really give them that extra something special.


3. A Pom-Pom Bracelet 



Pom-pom jewelry is fun and unique, and gives a youthful vibe to anything you’re wearing. If you don’t want to make too much of a statement, make this pom-pom bracelet. It will stand out without being in-your-face.


4. A Pom-Pom Throw 



You can never have too many blankets! This one featuring giant pom-poms will be comfy and great to use as fun decor.


5. Pom-Pom Sandals 



It’s the middle of winter, so sandals might not be the first thing on your mind, but these are too cute not to think about making. Pom-pom sandals were really popular last summer and I’m sure they will be again, so you might as well make these now to show them off in the warmer weather.


6. Pom-Pom Bag Charms 



These pom-pom tassel bag charms will make any boring bag look super fun and vibrant. You can also use them as keychains if you want.


7. Pom-Pom Bookmarks 



We could all use more bookmarks in our lives, and this one is particularly cute. You definitely won’t be able to lose your spot!


8. A Fun Pom-Pom Clutch 



Tiny pom-poms make a really cute design for any small bag. This bike design is so adorable it’s hard to ignore.


9. A Pom-Pom Coverup 



Colorful pom-poms sometimes seem to be made for summer days. Put together this breezy cover-up now so that you’ll be super stylish in the warmer months.


10. A Pom-Pom Chair Cover 



A chair cover might sound lame, but if you have a desk chair that is super hard and uncomfortable, it will make your life a lot better and your butt a lot happier. Plus, it makes for cute decor on something simple.


11. Pom-Pom Jewelry Dishes 



A plain bowl or dish can be transformed into a nice spot for your jewelry when you add tiny colorful pom-poms around the edge.


12. Pom-Pom Flowers 



Looking for pretty bedroom decor? Make these easy pom-pom flowers and stick them in some nice jars or vases. They just brighten up a room a little bit.


13. A Fur Pom-Pom Beanie 



You don’t have to make a pom-pom out of yarn or string – faux fur works too. Create a fur pom-pom, then stick it on top of a beanie for the cutest winter accessory.


14. A Pom-Pom Garland 



More room decor ideas: a colorful garland to make everything seem happier.


15. Pom-Pom Hair Clips



Have some fun with your hair accessories by adding tiny pom-poms. It’s perfect for an updo.


16. Pom-Pom Letters 



Who needs marquee letters when you can have colorful pom-pom letters? Use them to spell out your name, initials, or an inspiring word, then hang them on your wall.


17. A Pom-Pom Necklace 



This unique necklace will definitely make a statement – pair it with a loose top for a boho vibe.


18. A Pom-Pom Photo Frame 



Show off your favorite photos with these bright frames outlined in tiny pom-poms.


19. A Pom-Pom Pillow



Create a super comfy pillow made entirely of pom-poms for the cutest bed decor ever.


20. A Pom-Pom Rug 



An area rug like this will make any room look more fun and interesting. Cover it in the colors of your choice.


21. Pom-Pom Shorts 



Give any pair of shorts some flair with little dangling pom-poms.


22. A Pom-Pom Sweater 



Update an old or boring sweater with some pom-poms. They can go on the sleeves, around the collar, or in a design.


23. A Pom-Pom Tote Bag 



How great is this tote bag? This one is made for food shopping, but you can do whatever you’d like with yours.


24. A Pom-Pom Beach Bag 



Or you can make a pom-pom beach bag that’s perfect for the warmer weather.


25. A Pom-Pom Blanket 


Into the above blanket but want smaller pom-poms? Your wish is my command!

Which one of these pom-pom crafts is your favorite? What did I forget to include? Share in the comments!

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