16 Tumblr Signs As Posts That Predict What You’ll Be Like In College

If you’re going to start college soon (or not so soon, and you are trying to find out every single thing there is to know about it before it starts), you probably already know that college is as good a chance as you’ll ever get to reinvent yourself. People in college don’t know the person you were in high school, so you can be anyone, really–goth. Preppy. A musical.ly star.

Of course, the truth is that, in reality, college isn’t actually going to change who you are. Even if you get a new style or develop some new interests, you’ll always fundamentally be the same person. Still, imagining a big, life-changing, hometown gossip-worthy change is pretty fun to imagine, and I certainly would not fault you for thinking about it every now and then.

In any case, you’re probably curious about what will happen to you in college. If so, don’t leave it all up to fate! Or, to be more exact, do leave it all up to fate, and check out these Tumblr signs as horoscope posts that predict what you’ll actually (maybe) be like in college:

1. How will you fare in those boring-ass lecture classes?



2. And, like, who will you be?



3. How will your first semester treat you?



4. How will you bond with people during this time?



5. Which words should you use in your essays?



6. Will you get through your roommate situation?



7. Will your random campus musings be recorded?



8. College is stressful. How will that make you behave?



9. Will you be a cool study abroad person?



10. Or a lame one?


11. Are you in art school? If so, you’ll like this:



12. Will you get enough sleep this year? Probably not:



13. How does homework make you feel?



14. What do you do in class?



15. Are you an academic hoe?



16. And, finally, here’s how you’ll be at the end of the semester:


What do you think about these posts? Do you think they’re accurate? Let us know in the comments!

You can reach the author, Sara Hendricks, on Twitter and Instagram.

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