7 Scientific Studies That Prove Guys Are Jerks

If you talk to someone who has been cursed with the burden of feeling an attraction, sexual or otherwise, to anyone of the male sex, chances are good that you’ll eventually arrive on at least one of the following topics: Guys are jerks. They suck. They’re dumb and they are the worst and, most of all, they don’t know what’s good for them.

Now, hating guys for no reason in particular is not particularly constructive, and pitting people against one another for no reason other than their gender (chosen or not) is probably not constructive, either. One can know all this and also have to admit to some sort of personal bias from past personal experience and various internet encounters that leads to leaning slightly (or not slightly) towards the idea that girls are significantly better than guys.

Still, one cannot rely on anecdotal experience alone to make a compelling argument. Fortunately, you have science on your side. There are a bunch of studies out there that prove what you have somehow always known to be true–that guys are jerks. Check ’em out here:

They're "Hard-Wired" To Check Women Out

Ugh. Men have about six times as much testosterone--the hormone linked to libido, aggression, and hostility--as women. Testosterone also lowers impulse control, which means that men have a higher tendency to overtly check out people they find attractive, as well as make cat-calls, as if on "auto-pilot."

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They're More Likely To Skip Out On A Condom If They Think You're Attractive

According to a study done last year at the University of Southampton in England, when a guy thinks a woman is more attractive, he is less likely to try and use a condom during sex with her. They are also less likely to use a condom if they consider themselves to be attractive--so, uh, make sure you insist on protection. Or just don't sleep with anyone who tries to skip out on a condom with you.

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They Act Recklessly Around Girls They Find Attractive

In related news, guys tend to behave recklessly around women they find attractive, too. This is not surprising, per se, as lots and lots of history backs this claim up, but it still means that, if a guy thinks you're pretty, you're going to be the one to have to endure lots of poorly-executed skateboarding tricks and guitar serenades. Which is not so cool in my book. Or anyone's book, I would assume.

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They're Biased Against Women In STEM Fields

Well, this is...discouraging. Even though there are clear examples of disadvantages that women have while working in math and science careers, most men don't believe that these disadvantages exist--which, according to a study published by Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, is because they hold bias against women in STEM fields themselves. According to the findings, in a randomized double-blind study, science faculty from research-intensive universities reviewed the application materials of a student (randomly assigned either a male or female name) for a laboratory manager position. Faculty participants rated the male applicant as significantly more competent than the female applicant, which was actually the exact same application.

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They're Worse With Money

You can forget pretty much anything you've ever heard about women being flighty and bad with money. According to a study done by Barclays Wealth and Ledbury Research, women make significantly higher returns on their investments than men, since men tend to act on impulse (thank you, testosterone) and lose money over time. In short, men tend to think they know exactly what they are doing at all times, even when they definitely don't know what they're doing, while women exercise more caution and, in the long run, actually end up making smarter decisions.

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They React Poorly To Stress

When compared with women, men tend to handle being stressed worse--men withdraw and women become more social and ask for help. While this might not seem like a super big deal--what's some withdrawing among friends?--this can lead to men lashing out at those around them, and, in turn, some strained relationships. Understandably.

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They're More Violent

According to LiveScience, men constantly feel as though they have to "defend" their turf--it is unclear what, exactly, this turf may be, but apparently the "defending turf" section of the brain is larger in men than it is in women. This results in a higher inclination for violent behavior among men when they feel as though their property (which can include anything from actual property to, like, human people) is threatened.

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Did these studies affirm all of your long-held beliefs? Which one spoke to you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Some guys can be actually loyal and kind… My ex-boyfriend Jonas was the sweetest guy I knew. And my father is very kind and sweet towards my mom and me. I think it just depends on the guy. If I meet any bad guys, I just wouldn’t hang out with them. It’s really corny, but finding true love is crucial, since marrying a jerk can hurt you a lot…. I have 2 crushes at my school at the moment – Jon who’s sweet, but snarky, and Zack, a guy I’ve known for ages – but he’s dating one of my best friends, which is hard, since I really like him and he likes me (but more as a friend, I have a feeling….)