Quiz: Will You And Your Bae Break Up In 2017?

I know that you don’t really want to think about breakups during this time of year, you know, after the excitement of the holidays have died down, while the idea of Valentine’s Day is still right around the corner. But, you should know that January is considered National Breakup Month. EEK. Unfortunately, it’s also the time of year where you are most likely to be cheated on. SORRY. As scary as that is, sometimes, you might actually need to break up with your bae, even if you don’t know it yet. 


Okay, fine – I can’t really predict if you and your bae will break up within the next 12 months, but there are some pretty foolproof signs that you and your SO should call it quits. Whether you want to or not, you have to factor in a lot of different things to determine if you guys should stay together. Are you really happy with your bae? Or are you just settling? Are they even right for you? Are you not sure if you are ready to move on from your bae? Am I asking too many questions? Well, then it’s time to take this quiz and find out if you and bae should break up in 2017!

What were your quiz results?  Tell us in the comments!

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  • Nope!
    Why are you even taking this quiz! You and bae are perfectly fine, and you will be stronger than ever this year. Obviously, there are roadblocks in every relationship, but if you keep being honest and open with bae, you should stay together.