12 Skincare Products You’re Not Using, But You Should Be

If I were to tell you to go look in your bathroom cupboard right now and tell me what skincare products you have in there, you’d probably find a cleanser and moisturizer. You probably have a toner and makeup remover in there, too. And I’m hoping you have sunscreen. They’re all essentials, but there are other skincare products that are worthy of a spot in your cupboard that you might not have thought about.

I know you might not want to add another product to your routine, but if it gives you a more flawless complexion, isn’t worth it? I would say it is. I like to keep my skincare routine as simple as possible, but if something gives me results, I’m more than willing to add it into my regimen.

If you’re looking for some products that are actually worth adding to your routine, I’ve rounded up some of the recent launches that are more than just gimmicks. These are the 12 products that you’re probably missing from your skincare regimen.

1. Home Peel


Yeah, I know it looks like a giant Q-tip, but it’s not for putting in your ears. The *Q-Tip* is actually formulated with an exfoliant. You rub if over your face and it helps smooth out your complexion.

Reme G Aqua Peeler Kit, $6, Glow Recipe


2. Blur Primer


Are you not into foundation, but you’re looking for coverage? Try this blurring cream. Don’t ask me specifically how it does it, but all I know is that when you apply a few drops to your face, it smooths out your pores and controls shine. If you want, you can also wear it under makeup.

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Blur Primer, $52, Sephora


3. Cleansing Stickcleansing-stick

Do you already have a foaming or creamy cleanser? I’m not knocking those, but a stick is definitely worth trying out. Not only is it travel-friendly, it’s also easy to apply. Just swipe the stick on your face and rub the product around in circles until it froths up.

SU:M37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick, $25, Memebox


4. Cushion Foundationcushion-foundation

A cushion compact could technically fit into the makeup category as well as the skincare, but I say it’s important enough that it should be in both categories. This cushion has skincare and makeup benefits. Plus, the cushion delivers super light coverage so you don’t have to worry about cake face.

Sephora Collection Wonderful Cushion Foundation, $11, Sephora


5. Peeling Maskgoji-mask

Have you tried a sheet mask, but found them too finicky because you always seem to rip them when you’re taking them out of the package? Try a peel-off mask. You apply the liquid formula like you would a clay mask. When it’s dry, you still have the satisfying peel-off you get from your sheet mask. Try this goji water rubber mask for lots of fun.

MD’s Pick Goji Gel Rubber Mask, $9, Glow Recipe


6. Body Mask


Skincare doesn’t end below your neck. If you’re looking to show your body some TLC, try a body mask. You can get one for almost every body part. That includes your hands, feet, and boobs. If you’re not quite ready for a boob mask, try this hand one. It’s like you’re wearing the softest pair of gloves. And when you take them off, you end up with baby soft hands.

MasqueBar Two-Pack Moisturizing And Nourishing Hand Masks, $8.99, Amazon


7. Matte Moisturizer


If you’ve got oily skin like me, you know that blotting sheets are a savior. However, there’s no need to wait until your skin gets oily to take action. Apply this mattifier in the morning and it will help control shine throughout the day. You might not even need the blotting sheet.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Mattifying Lotion, $15, Ulta


8. Pimple Patchpimple-patch

Do you normally slather on a pimple cream whenever you get an eruption on your face? Pimple cream is great when you’re dealing with a cluster of breakouts, but these pimples patches are effective when you’ve got a few lone suckers. Think of them as a Band-Aid with acne medicine in them. Apply one before bed and you’ll hopefully wake up with a reduced bump.

Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch, $5, Amazon


9. Face Mists1782127-main-Lhero

I used to write face mists off as overpriced water. Then I tried one and become a convert. This mist will quench dry skin. It’s also a great refresher if your complexion is feeling particularly grimy, but there’s no sink around to wash your face.

Milk Makeup Face Mist, $22, Sephora  


10. Setting Spraysetting-spray

Are makeup meltdowns a regular problem for you? A setting spray like this one can put an end to them. After you apply your makeup, spray a bit of the spray on your face. Don’t worry, it won’t ruin your freshly applied makeup. It will actually help it stay in place. Magical, I know.

Urban Decay All-Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray, $31, Sephora


11. Skin Boosterskin-hydrating-booster_26-01_590x617

Could your complexion use a boost? Try a booster. You can probably guess what it does from the name, but a booster basically helps your other skincare product to be more effective. Use this one along with your moisturizer to deal with dry, itchy skin.

Skin Hydrating Booster, $57, Dermalogica


12. Bubble Masktonymoly-bubble-mask

You will want a bubble mask just for how it looks. This is basically like a bubble bath for your face. Apply the mask, and it magically froths up. When you rinse it away, you’re left for a clearer, more vibrant complexion.

Toly Moly Bubble Sheet Mask, $6.50, Ulta

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