8 “Guy Things” Every Girl Has To Learn How To Do

Sexism sucks, but even the most well-intentioned feminist can find herself falling into stereotypical gender roles. Case in point: my guy friends know more about fixing televisions and playing video games than any of my girl friends. Skill sets aren’t sectioned off into boy stuff and girl stuff, so why don’t more girls know how to do more stereotypically “guy stuff?” For example, my dad taught my brother how to fix things around the house in a much more detailed way than he ever taught me – and that probably doesn’t really surprise anyone. Of course, you don’t have to know how to do everything, and it’s obviously totally fine to ask a guy you know for help, but getting comfortable with the idea that guys should handle the “dude stuff” out there isn’t a good idea. You should never be relying on a man, or anyone, to do something you’re capable of doing yourself.

There are girls who are afraid of appearing un-feminine, and there are some girls who think that knowing how to do a “dude thing” somehow  puts down men. We know #MasculinitySoFragile, but that’s no way to live your life. Learning how to do “guy stuff” might save you money in the long run, not to mention it’ll probably fill you with a new sense of confidence knowing you can fix your own problems, even if they’re small ones, like being surprised by a spider in your bathroom (the worst). Everyone, regardless of gender, should learn how to do this stuff. ? These are eight guy skills we should all learn how to do, because while helping others is great, they won’t always be consistently on-call to help us. We should learn how to help ourselves.

Tying A Tie

Y'all, girls can wear ties, too. I get that they're typically masculine formalwear, so that might make you resistant to start wearing ties all of a sudden, but have you seen how amazing Janelle Monae looks in a suit? All I'm saying is that it's an option, but you might not consider it if you don't know how to tie a tie. Even if you don't wear ties regularly, it's a helpful thing to know how to do. I'm convinced not enough people, in general - regardless of gender, know how to tie a tie, so learn up! They can be feminine or anything you want them to be, really, it all depends on your style and how you're wearing it.

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Asking Someone Out

Okay, we all know girls can ask guys out and that isn't 100 percent the guy's job... technically. But have you ever thought to get good at it? I'm sure you know some guys who are pretty boastful about how tight their game is, whatever that means, but how about yours? How confident are you taking the lead in a potentially romantic situation? We all know that this is a possibility, but don't really consider cultivating this as a skill. Probably because we're taught from early on that men pursue and that not letting them pursue fractures their egos or something, but you know that's nonsense, right? Ask someone out: guy, girl, non-binary hotties, who cares.

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Killing Bugs

Bugs suck. People are afraid of them, regardless of gender, but guys are taught to squash that fear inside so they can take care of the bug situation (which, hey, toxic masculinity, I see you). Boys won't always be around to help you with this, but bugs unfortunately will always exist. So, let's be equal opportunity bug-killers. Not all bugs get taken care of in the same way. For example, if you see a praying mantis, don't kill it, but do you know how to relocate one back outside? Do you know how to prevent roaches from getting inside your house or set up an ant trap? Bugs are the worst, but if you hate them, you should know how to get them out of your house in an effective way whether that's prevention or straight up killing them.

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Unclog Toilets And Sinks

Get real familiar with plungers, ladies, because we should all become experts at unclogging unruly toilets and sinks. I know it's gross, but would you rather fix something yourself or ask some guy you have a crush on to slosh around in your poop and fix the toilet you just broke or just take care of it yourself so it looks like nothing ever happened? I rest my case. Nobody likes doing this, including guys, so just get the ick factor over with. Everybody poops and clogs drains with their hair, now let's all learn how to fix that.

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Start A Fire

Even if you aren't an avid camper, we can all agree that roasting marshmallows is rad, right? This used to be a really important lifeskill (back when we didn't have electricity, but still) that we all somehow neglected and only made guys learn how to do. Enough of that. Do you know how to start a fire that stays going for a while? Do you know how to keep it going? How about starting one without a lighter? While this is no longer key for human survival, you never know when this will come in handy. Also, it's totally fun, and like I said: campfires, bonfires, and roasting marshmallows continue to be a highlight of life, in general.

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Using Power Tools

Unless you actively say to someone "hey, teach me how to do this," not everybody is going to be thinking to teach girls how to use these things. So, whether it's a parent or signing up for shop class, this is a key practical skill you're going to wish you had learned sooner. This frees you up to fix whatever gets broken and make whatever you want! No more sitting around waiting for someone to show up to fix your problems because you can do it yourself. You don't have to learn anything really intense, but basics like using a power drill, saw, or sander will get you pretty far.

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Basic Car Repair

I know the stereotypical advice is to learn how to change a tire, but so much else goes on with your car. Do you know how to jump start a car? How about refill your coolant, change your own oil, refill the air in your tires, or change a headlight? They're all surprisingly more easy than you think and if you learn how to do this, you might wind up saving yourself some money! When something goes wrong with your car, the first response might be to panic, call your dad or AAA, but if you know how to fix things yourself, you can handle your problems with ease and not stress so much. Not just boys drive cars, so have someone teach you how to take care of a car regardless if you have your license yet or not.

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Act Like Your Opinion Is Valuable

Honestly, why wouldn't it be? Because of how we're socialized, girls are told more often that we're being too annoying, loud, or that we should just be quiet. Can you honestly speak up and speak freely without coming up against a little internal meter inside that says "maybe not now" or "everyone is going to think I suck anyway"? If you do, good for you, but one thing that characterizes how guys are socialized different than girls is that they are encouraged to unflinchingly voice their opinion, like it matters, because it's a sign of dominance and strength. But, dominance, confidence, and strength aren't ONLY masculine traits. We should all learn how to speak as freely and with the thought that what we have to say is of value the way that guys are taught to.

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Which of these things do you know how to do? Which ones do you need to learn? Let us know in the comments!

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