7 Girls Share The Strangest Thing They’ve Been Asked To Do During Sex

I want to start off this post by saying that I don’t want to kink shame anyone. Like I’ve said many times, there are no rules to sex, and however you want to do it (as long as it’s, you know, legal) is totally cool! But sometimes, when you and your bae/hookup/SO decide to have sex, some, uh, strange things can happen. When I say strange, I don’t necessarily mean bad, I just mean something unexpected. You don’t normally expect your partner to ask you to lick your face, right? Maybe you do, I’m not judging!

Recently, a user came to our boards wondering what kind of weird things that our users have experienced. LittleAmy wrote, “What’s the weirdest thing that someone asked you during sex or sexually (in general) and did you do it? Mine was to masturbate with a Barbie doll and sing I’m a Barbie Girl” Oddly enough, this questions seems to be asked a lot on the internet. A Reddit thread also asked the same question. I guess people are so curious about other people’s private lives because of how private they are. You’ve probably wondered the same thing, so I rounded up these responses for you. Check out the weirdest things people were asked to do during sex, and who knows, maybe you’ll want to try them!

Bark Like A Dog

ShellyB said, "Being told to bark like a dog during doggy style sex would probably be my weirdest."

I don't know a lot of people who take their sex positions this literally, but apparently, they do.

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Pee On Him

kimmieecake said,"He asked me if he drank only water a bunch of times a day for like 2 weeks, could he pee on me during sex lol? More water= less yellow colored pee and it won't smell so much like pee."

This one is definitely strange, but it also seemed super popular among both threads. This user was smart to use water to make it smell less.

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Dress Up As Dinosaurs

LVL1PotPlant said, "Both dress up as dinosaurs and maintain character throughout with appropriate noises etc. Was actually a lot of fun"

I'm not really sure how to comment on this one, TBH. I guess as long as you have fun, it's all good!

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Like Their Face

UNHdude said, "The last guy I banged had me lick his face like a puppy."

This probably better than the whole "sticking food inside you" thing.

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Use Food

[deleted] said, "My SO tried to stick a zucchini in my butt."

Okay, this isn't a good idea. It's never a good idea to stick food in your, like, ever.

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Ball Busting

LizzyGirl said, "We play around at ball busting and dick squashing/slapping. I cannot believe how much he gets off on it, and I cannot believe how much I enjoy it too. It's an awesome lead in to sex. And maybe my enjoying it has something to do with what happened to me as a girl. It's like controlled and by consent. Not only do I find it therapeutic in a way, but it also turns me on."

I mean, this sounds painful. But as long as your partner is cool with it, it might be something different to try.

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69 Without Oral Sex

SueAnn said, "Being asked by my bf to 69 with him after he ejaculated inside me. Not that he was going to lick me he wanted a closeup look at his semen dripping out of me. I did and would do it again."

Hey, some people get turned on by all different things, like the site of semen coming out of a girl. You do you!

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What is the weirdest thing you’ve done during sex? Tell us in the comments!

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