7 Surprising Things That Make Semen Taste Better

As someone who frequently writes about blow jobs, I have come to learn a lot about the mysterious bodily fluid known as semen. I know it’s not a super common topic, but if you’re someone who is in frequent contact with a penis, odds are you will encounter semen at some point, and when you encounter it you might notice a particular, uh, taste. Not to get too science-y here, but semen is made up of sperm, vitamins, hormones, minerals, fructose, and proteins, which could cause a sour or “metallic” taste. And if you’re someone who is frequently tasting semen (no judgment here!) that sour taste can get… kind of gross.

If you didn’t know, changing your diet can actually (sort of) change how your vagina tastes. It’s more or less the same with semen. Certain foods can alter what semen tastes like, which could actually make a huge difference. Now, before you go forcing your bae to drink a gallon of pineapple juice, you should know that there is no “miracle food” that will make semen taste amazing. There are just some foods that some people swear make bodily fluids taste better, and I’m going to help you out by giving you a list of things that will make semen taste better, so next time you’re goin’ down on your BF, you don’t have to suffer too much with the sour taste of semen. Good luck!

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