14 Of The Most Annoying Fictional Bros Who You Love To Hate

There are so many types of bros. There’s frat bros, preppy bros, gym bros, goofy bros…But what brings them together is simple: Their shameless masculinity coupled with a swaggering arrogance and obnoxiousness that sort of makes you want to die a little. This is the part where I say, “BUT NOT ALL BROS!” And yes, looks can be deceiving: Some of the sweetest dudes I’ve met are pretty bro-y and aren’t quite as hyper-masculine and annoying as some of their comrades. They have the look and tend to hang out with a lot of other bros, but they lack the casual sexism and entitlement. But bros overall? Yikes.

But even though so many bros have such despicable behavior that goes against everything we believe in at Gurl, it’s hard to go as far as to say that we’re never entertained by them. This is especially true in the world of fiction, where bros are so awful that it becomes fun–an actual sport–to hate on them. Need an example? Here are 14 annoying fictional bros who you love to hate.

Chuck Bass From 'Gossip Girl'

Oh, where to start? Rich, preppy, manipulative...Chuck Bass is the ultimate Yacht Bro. He's the dude who will ruin your life while wearing a pair of Sperry's, which is a terrifying visual if you ask me. But for some reason, Chuck's suave brand of garbage human being continues to make him super alluring to Gossip Girl fans.

The Treblemakers From 'Pitch Perfect'

Who would have thought that one of the most annoying types of bro is the elusive Acapella Bro"? It's got all the male entitlement and condescension of a traditional bro, but with harmonizing. Anyone with the cheer "one, two, three, swag!" deserves to be on this list, easily.

Tim From 'Friday Night Lights'

Oh, Tim Riggins. The bad boy jock with a whole lot of angst...swoon. Okay, let's be real, if Tim didn't have that lost puppy thing about him at his most vulnerable moments, he would absolutely be one of the most annoying and frustrating characters on Friday Night Lights. His character is an undeniable womanizer and a bit of a jerk. But dude is so pitiful that even someone who finds Tim insufferable might harbor a little love for the dude. I think it's the hair.

Logan From 'Gilmore Girls'

Logan is the ultimate fictional bro: Entitled rich boy who thinks that he can buy or charm anything his way...even girls. In this case, girls named Rory. It's not hard to see why so many people have such strong anti-Logan feelings, even if he did change and become a little less of a jerk over time. Look, I'm not about to get into a Logan vs Jess debate right now, but feel free to duke it out in the comments.

Logan From 'Zoey 101'

Okay, first of all...can we take a second to chuckle at this photo? Because OMG...even as a teen I knew that this dude's muscle tees were over the top. But moving on, Logan was like the stereotypical jock but ten times worse. Dude handed out his own headshot to girls he thought were attractive and thinks making out is an extracurricular activity. I don't think you'll get a PE credit for that one, buddy.

Steff From 'Pretty In Pink'

Anyone in their right mind would see Steff for what he is: Pompous, arrogant, elitist, and misogynistic. And yet, this preppy bro remains one of the most entertaining characters of '80s teen classic, Pretty In Pink. The dude is so disgusting that you can't help but love seeing him on screen, getting his slime all over everything.

Ethan Craft From 'Lizzie McGuire'

Yeah, I know, is Ethan really that rage inducing to be on this list? Maybe not, but you would think that a couple of smart girls like Lizzie and Miranda would have been smart enough to avoid the charms of one of the most intellectually stunted bros in this roundup. Cute hair ain't everything.

Kevin From 'This Is Us'

You know those people who are totally a-holes but don't even know it and don't intend to be? Yeah, that's Kevin from This Is Us in a nutshell. His cluelessness doesn't make it harder to find him insufferable, however.

Elton From 'Clueless'

Elton seemed harmless enough at first--popular, cute, and a bit of a flirt. But dude was nothing but a bro who doesn't know that "no means no" when he tried to hook up with Cher despite her protestations. He even objected to the idea of going out with new girl, Tai, because his father is super important and powerful...making Elton super important and powerful and way out of Tai's range. Ew.

Dean From 'She's All That'

Okay, Dean was barely on screen, but every time he was, he just made everything so slimy and underhanded. Yes, he was definitely the stereotypical evil-friend-of-fellow-bro-with-a-better-heart, but sheesh, he was terrible. Definitely the best person to hate while hate-watching She's All That.

Luke From 'The O.C.'

Luke is most notable for saying, "Welcome to the O.C., bitch!" He's also known for being a terrible boyfriend and cheating on his GF with his GF's own mother. This is the worst form of Abercrombie Bro that there is.

O'Banion From 'Dazed And Confused'

After thinking about it, Dazed and Confused is full of bros, but some of them are just a lot worse than the others. O'Banion (hey, young, Ben Affleck!) is definitely the worst of them all. He's a sadistic super senior who enjoys torturing younger classmen and spends his entire last day of high school getting way too amped about a tradition of paddling incoming freshmen. Dude needs therapy, he's obviously trying to compensate from something missing in his life.

John From 'John Tucker Must Die'

It seems like most teen movies--especially from the '80s to the '00s--feature at least one a-hole jock, and when it came to John Tucker Must Die, John was that a-hole jock. But his a-holishness was next level. We often see the jock in these movies cheat on their girlfriend with, like, one other girl. John literally had at least four relationships going on at the same time. Dude...

Trey From 'Broad City'

Trey is a noxious combination of gym bro and granola bro, and the result is...obnoxious AF. Of course, Trey doesn't realize that he's an aloof pain in the butt, which makes it even harder to hate him entirely because some of his most douchebag worthy acts occur when he's actually trying to be helpful. Yikes.

Who else should be on this list? Do you think anyone is on this list who shouldn’t be? Tell us in the comments!

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