16 Things That Predict Your Relationship Status In 2017

At this point in the year–that is, soon enough into it for everything to still feel fresh and exciting, but long enough into it to know that you’re actually writing the correct year on your papers–you have probably realized that there is no shortage when it comes to aspirational prognostications for 2017. You know, you’ve got your studying goals. Your hairstyle goals. Your dorm goals. You’ve probably come across your fair share of relationship-type goals for 2017, too

But real life often doesn’t turn out quite like the goals you set for yourself. It’s easy to spend your time pinning aesthetically-pleasing dorm rooms on Pinterest and liking pictures of impeccably neat notebooks on Tumblr in the hopes that doing so will inspire you to follow through on similar activities throughout the year, but chances are good that you’ll start throwing some of your clothes on the floor instead of their designated spot in your dresser, and you’ll eventually give up on the intense color-coded note system you designed for yourself

And this is okay! You can still like the decor in your room even if it’s messy, and you can still do well in school even if your notes aren’t perfectly color-coded.

So, you definitely should still try to exert a lot of effort into your schoolwork, keeping your room clean, and maintaining your own personal style throughout the year (and in that exact order, probably). But when it comes to romance stuff, you probably already know that it’s important to be a little more realistic. So, in the name of full disclosure, check out these things that really predict your relationship status for 2017:

1. You’ll start off with pure enough intentions:



2. But things soon…devolve:



3. Catastrophically so:



4. Hmmmm:




6. Who knows where your next potential love interest might end up?


7. And the sordid things they will do in order to win your heart?



8. Or maybe you just, like, can’t stop getting curved:



9. Perhaps you are looking to get back into old habits?


10. Here’s a tip–don’t do that:

would millennial carrie bradshaw be a meme admin

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11. This feels like a personal attack, but fine:



12. Um. This too:






14. #Goals:



15. (Actual goals):


16. Honestly? Same:

Do these accurately predict your love life? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments!

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