19 Amazing #SaltBae Memes You Need To See Right Now

Over the weekend–before the Golden Globes and after the snowstorm that ravaged most of the East Coast–chances are good that you encountered a bizarrely entrancing video of a man wearing sunglasses, dicing up a slab of meat, and sprinkling some salt on it when he had finished. All of this was done in such a theatrical manner that it was inevitable, really, that it would become a meme. The butcher’s name is Nusret Gökçe, he is a Turkish butcher, and he was already an Instagram star in his own right, but his video went viral this weekend, and most people on the internet have taken to referring to him, simply, as “Salt Bae.” Below is the video with which people appear to be most enamored, using a screenshot from the moment when he flings the salt on the meat to demonstrate a moment they are feeling particularly extra:

Ottoman steak ?

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I am not a meat-eater myself, so I cannot speak to the quality of Mr. Gökçe’s meat-trimming skills. I can, however, speak to the quality of his commitment to a bit, which is excellent. So, if you are feeling just a little bit extra right now–or, you know, a lot bit extra right now–check out these truly amazing #saltbae memes:

1. Is that Milo Ventimiglia?


2. Same:


3. Gorgeous:


4. How…kind:


5. Agreed!


6. Find the lie:


7. Who can’t relate?


8. YUP:


9. Welp:


10. Salt Bae has nine children. If you were wondering:


11. This feels like a personal attack:


12. Perfect:


13. Me. (Also you, probably. It’s relatable!):


14. Sad but true:


15. Not sad, also true:


16. There are spinoffs now, of course:


17. All of which are truly excellent:


18. But not one can live up to the original model:


19. Never change, Salt Bae:

What do you think of these memes? Which one is you favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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