The 12 Most Annoying Things All YouTubers Do

I’m sure that by this point in the world, you have watched at least five YouTube videos featuring high-profile YouTube stars. Maybe it was a beauty tutorial video, maybe it was a gamer video, maybe it was some girl giving a tour of her beautiful bedroom decor – you have watched a lifestyle video like this. There are lots of YouTube stars out there, characterized by their huge followings on Instagram and their tendency to be over-excited all the time while selling products to anyone who will listen to them. If you’ve ever watched videos, even just a few, created by these stars, then you will notice some similarities. Famous YouTubers, even the more likable ones, tend to have a lot of the same habits, most of which are ridiculously annoying. So annoying, in fact, that they sometimes ruin what could be good content and turn off viewers forever.

I’m not trying to hate on YouTubers. Sure, I am not the biggest fan of vloggers (it’s just not my thing and I’ve never been able to get into it no matter how hard I’ve tried), but I don’t try to act like they’re stupid and dumb. They aren’t! When they play their cards right, YouTube stars can make millions of dollars, gain lots of notoriety, and turn something as small as a seven minute online video into a business empire. That’s very impressive, even if the path to that empire is full of loud laughing, dramatic titling, and overall teeth grindingly annoying behavior. I give them props for being successful on the Internet, because it is really not as easy as so many people think it is.

That said, I still reserve the right to talk about how irritating they can be. I obviously loved this Ask Reddit thread about the most annoying things YouTubers do in their videos. Some of them are so on point that you have to laugh even if you are a devout YouTube star lover. Trust me – these will make you see your favorite vloggers a little bit differently.

Showing 'Simple' Makeup Tutorials With Hundreds Of Dollars Worth Of Products

Personally, I believe that there are a lot of annoying things about YouTube beauty vloggers. They always true to act too relatable in a way that doesn't feel authentic, most of them either don't explain enough or explain way too much, and once they become famous, they stop doing so much beauty and start focusing on way more boring lifestyle topics. But perhaps the most annoying thing is how they show "simple" and "easy" makeup tutorials featuring hundreds of dollars worth of products. User Mistah-Jay points this out, saying, "Not all of them but the beauty guru chicks have these "simple" makeup tutorials and just act like every poor f***er out there can afford $300 worth of makeup for a single session."

Some beauty vloggers do offer up cheaper options or dedicate videos to drugstore makeup, but many of them use tools and products that most of us definitely can't afford. It's frustrating!

Clickbait Titles In All Caps

I think one of my least favorite things is going on YouTube and seeing what user CannedWolfMeat describes as, "CAPITAL LETTER CLICKBAIT TITLES?!?!" Yup. Why are their titles in all caps? (I know it's to get attention, but it's still annoying) Why is everything so incredibly clickbaity? (I KNOW why, okay, but I still hate it!) It drives me crazy. I'm actually less likely to click on these titles because they annoy me so much.

Making Really, Really Long Intros For 5 Minutes Of Actual Content

If I had to pick the absolute worst thinga bout YouTubers, it would be their intros. As user ugatz says, the most annoying thing about them is: "Using ridiculously long intros for even short amounts of content." I can't sit through five minutes of babbling that has absolutely nothing to do with the reason I clicked on the video (a makeup tutorial). One user makes fun of it pretty well right here:

Cat_Toucher: Hi guys! Today I'm doing a very special collaboration with some of my favorite people, Hitlerfacechannel and Stalinsecrets and I'm soooo excited to be working with them! So don't forget to go to their channels and like and subscribe. Just go ahead and click the link, if you're on mobile it will be here and if you're at home you can click here, or just scroll down and there'll be a link below the video. Just hit the thumbs up to like this video, and don't forget to comment what you think our next video should be! So today we're going to be talking about [some trivial piece of actual content] and it's just so amazing. It's a really great [content], you guys have been asking me to do this video for a while, and I'm just so excited to share it with you! Also, a lot of you asked in the comments last time about [some totally stupid lifestyle bullshit that nobody cares about]. I will address that in my next video, so stay tuned after this and if you haven't already, hit subscribe! Anyway, I'm so excited to show you guys [content] and here it is! I hope you like it! [10 seconds of actual content that you came here for] So there it is, guys, don't forget to like and subscribe to my channel for more amazing videos like this, and also go head over and check out some of my favorite people, Hitlerfacechannel and Stalinsecrets, they're both amazing and wonderful and you should totally check them out. So thanks very much for watching, don't forget to comment below! Stay tuned after this video because I'll be talking about [lifestyle detail that could not be less interesting to anyone but is apparently an important cornerstone in their branding]. Let me know what you'd like to see next! You all are amazing and I couldn't do it without you!

Using Too Many Annotations

I know that the whole goal with YouTube is to gain subscribers and build your channel, and I totally get that, as a serious YouTuber, you have to remind people to do that. But there is a way to do that and not be completely in your face, which some of them don't seem to realize. As user 2roK says, this is annoying: "Putting annotations all over their video. Each one telling me to subscribe. Putting annotations all over their video. Each one linking to some other bullshit video they made." Take it easy, guys. Sometimes it's not that bad, but sometimes I'll watch a video and it's literally all pop up annotations that make me want to scream.

Immediately Asking For Likes

Again, I totally understand that the major goal with YouTube is getting a lot of likes. But it's really annoying when YouTubers do this, like what user jacobrettebdel said: "Asking for likes and subscribers at the beginning of their video." Like... wait until the end. Let people see your content and enjoy it and want to like it before telling them to like it before they've even watched anything.

Acting Way Too Excited

Over-excited, ridiculously happy personalities? Not for me. User TheProductionsOfUs agrees, saying, "I personally find sometimes the bigger YouTubers or even some of the smaller ones give a fake over-excited reaction for normal things. I understand they want to be upbeat but sometimes it really is just over the top!"

Relying On Too Many Jump Cuts

User Freaky_Teeth says one of the most irritating things about YouTubers is, "JumpcutJUMPCUTjumpcut over-the-top facial expression JUMPCUT self-deprecation am I funny yet? JUMPCUT boobs #SUBSCRIBEFORMORE!" YUP. Pretty much. Jump cuts look really cool and definitely make a video fun, but too many of them is exhausting and aggravating.

Apologizing For Everything

User no_fucks-to_give said one of the most annoying things they do is, "Apologize for everything and nothing. I get that people will come at you for nothing so you try to do as much damage control as possible, but omg stop it." This bugs me too. I watch a popular yoga channel a lot, and in every video, the star apologizes for every single joke she makes, and it's totally obvious that she's trying not to offend anyone. I get it - you should never be offensive and some things you should apologize for. But when it gets to the point where you're over-apologizing or not even allowing yourself to have a personality, it just feels frustrating.

Humble Bragging

Humble bragging, also known as daily vlogging, annoys the crap out of me. As user intheirbadnessreign says: "Daily vlogging. I mean clearly there's a market for it, but it genuinely eludes me as to why millions of people find the daily lives of these YouTubers interesting in the slightest. They're boring, pointless, and usually just a platform for the YouTuber to show off how rich they are by doing shopping sprees and 'hauls' every other video." Basically!

Making Dramatic Stories Out Of Nothing

There is an entire meme based off of the insanely stupid scamming titles YouTubers create based on nothing. User bbyrems points out this example: "Cashier: your total is $55.98 Cashier: oops I forgot your discount, your total is $49.98 Youtuber: STORY TIME! I Was Almost SCAMMED" Can we please stop being so dramatic?

Changing When They Start Making Money

One of the worst things is when your favorite YouTuber starts to become more famous and also starts to totally change. User TheDevilsFair explains this, saying, "Channels usually start off interesting, but once they start monetizing their videos a lot of popular YouTubers switch to catering to the 10-14 year old audience because it's an easy way for them to make $$ without making quality content. "I had ice cream today. Hit that like button if you like ice cream too!" That's not what the like button is for."

I get that you have to do certain things for your audience if you want to be successful, but yeah - seeing someone totally change for the money feels like a big sell out.

Hyping Up Small Things

How many times have you heard this: majesticpenguin80: "Got something really cool comin up guys but I can't say what it is yet." PLEASE MAKE IT STOP.

Which one of these habits do you find the most annoying? Who’s your favorite YouTube star? Let me know in the comments.

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