The 18 Most Awkward Moments Of The 2017 Golden Globes

In case you missed it, the 2017 Golden Globes were on this weekend, and they were, uh… well, they were like your typical awards show. Celebrities looked gorgeous, but some of them said dumb things, some of them messed up and didn’t seem to care, some of them were adorably charming, and some of them made us tear up a little bit. There were secondhand embarrassment-worthy moments, and there were wins many felt weren’t deserved, and there were, obviously, a lot of moments to talk about. Among all of the things that happened, there were definitely a lot of awkward moments during this year’s Golden Globes.

On a personal level, the Globes are usually my favorite awards show of the season, because everyone is usually drunk and cheerful, and there’s a more relaxed vibe than during the rest of awards show season. This one felt a little different, but there were still plenty of moments worth talking about. We’ll get to the best ones later on, but for now, let’s watch how awkward even the most famous of celebrities can be sometimes. Here are the most awkward moments of the Golden Globes:

1. Jimmy Fallon’s intro play on La La Land started off charming, but quickly turned into… this: 


2. And then the prompter was off and he just kind of stumbled around and we were like:


3. The very long pause between “Ryan” and “Gosling” when he was presented with Best Actor In A Comedy award. 


4. Emma Stone getting caught in the most relatably awkward hug. 


5. When NBC’s Jenna Bush Hager called the movie Fences “Hidden Fences.” 


6. And then Michael Keaton did the same thing.


7. John Legend’s name was spelled incorrectly. 


8. Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer’s presenting speech, which was almost too awkward to be totally funny. 


9. Jimmy Fallon trying to make his on-stage flop funny.


10. Uh, this happened. 


11. And then we realized Jimmy Fallon helped humanize Donald Trump during the election, so… 


12. When the camera cut to Mel Gibson during Meryl Streep’s speech, and this pretty much summed it up: 


13. When someone was presenting and you could hear all of the background noise 


14. Jimmy Fallon mentioning the fail that was Ben Affleck as Batman to Matt Damon.


15. Billy Bob Thornton talking about his feud with Bob Oden, which was a joke, but still felt weird. 


16. Sofia Vergara relying on jokes about her accent yet again. 


17. When we all came to this conclusion together: 


18. One of the guys from La La Land literally getting cut off in the middle of a sentence. 


Which moment from the Golden Globes was your favorite? What did you think was the most awkward moment? Share in the comments!

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