8 Ridiculous Masturbation Myths You Probably Believe

At some point in time, masturbating became a hush-hush topic that nobody ever wanted to talk about IRL (well, unless it was about dudes masturbating). People started spreading rumors about masturbation that made the act seem, well, kind of terrifying. Some religious groups called masturbation a sin, making it seem like you would be damned for eternity if you ever participated in it. Someone online created this photo declaring that “every time you masturbate, a kitten dies.” And while both sound ridiculous in retrospect, if you didn’t know much about masturbating when hearing them, you might start to think that some of these things are true – or at least that masturbating is inherently wrong and shameful. It’s not, and I’m here to dismiss all of the crazy masturbation myths you might have heard.

Of course, like anything else, there are some bad things that happen when you’re enjoying some solo sex: if you do it wrong, you might get hurt, or even get an infection. You could potentially get addicted to it, which could mess with your sex life. But honestly, there are way more pros than cons, and the bad things that could happen are so few and far between that you really don’t need to stress over them. There are proven benefits to masturbating, and you shouldn’t let some dumb myths stop you from doing your thing. So, take a look at these masturbating myths that you probably believe are true, and why they actually aren’t.

Did you believe any of these masturbation myths?  Tell us in the comments!

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