13 Super Cute Haircuts You’re Going To See Everywhere In 2017

When it comes to the topic of haircuts, I am not usually one to venture too far out of my usual comfort zone. I will get one haircut exactly two times a year, in exactly the same shape as before, only with two inches trimmed off, and nothing else, as the thought of doing anything else makes me break out in hives.

But recently, I’ve been inspired to make a change, though I am the last person who might be able to tell you why. Perhaps it is the new year, a change in the weather, or the current political climate that reminds one that the world could literally (figuratively) implode at any moment, so you might as well do anything. Even get bangs. Anyway, there are a ton of cute haircuts that have been popping up lately–you know, on Instagram, fashion blogs, movie posters, and the like–that are super fun and sure to be everywhere in 2017. Check them out here!

1. Emma Stone’s La La Land lob:

A photo posted by La La Land (@lalaland) on

I must admit that my sole inspiration for writing this entire post came from the movie La La Land, which I have conflicting feelings about from a critical perspective, but an unflinchingly positive one when it comes to the subject of Emma Stone’s hair in it, which is a great, slightly-overgrown lob.The lob is not new, of course, but the cut clearly isn’t going away.

2. A lob with bangs:

One way the lob is being updated for 2017 is by adding long bangs–it’s not revolutionary or anything, but it still adds a fresh new perspective.

3. Short bob with bangs:

A photo posted by Barrow Salon (@barrowsalon) on

Or, you could just go for the full chop with bangs. This is a gutsy move, but now’s the time to do it–lots of style blogs are predicting that it’ll be the haircut of 2017.

4. 1980s vibes:

The 80s are back (again) in a big way, style-wise–expect to see this reflected in teased hair, floppy bangs, and low ponytails.

5. Specifically, 1980s bangs:

#yr What do you think … too much ? #80s kid ?

A photo posted by Sole9 by Gina Tognoni (@ginatognoni) on

There’s also going to be a lot of this little swoop, I think.

6. Extensions:

A photo posted by ?Hair dresser? (@jjjyyysssx) on

Along with 80s style, there’s definitely a resurgence of glitzy, luxurious early 2000s style on the horizon (Juicy tracksuits are back, after all). With this comes long, shiny blowouts. Maybe even some extensions. Go crazy.

7. Non-Melania Trump hair:

Feelin myself apparently. Thanks to the master @harryjoshhair for the chop. #nomoremelaniahair

A video posted by Olivia Wilde (@oliviawilde) on

A photo posted by Harry Josh (@harryjoshhair) on

On the flipside of early aughts opulence-inspired hair, there’s also the movement that Olivia Wilde started to get away from Melania Trump’s characteristically long, ringlet-y, blown-out look. I don’t know how valid this is as a political statement because, really, it’s the same exact haircut as before (which wasn’t exclusive to Melania Trump in the first place, but whatever), just shorter. It is cute, though, and probably requires less maintenance!

8. Natural hair:

A photo posted by MARIA BORGES (@iammariaborges) on

I feel sort of hesitant calling this a trend, given that it’s not so much a particular style that can change from one day to the next as it is, you know, the way a lot of women’s hair just happens to be. But an increasing number of designers are sending models down the runway with natural hair, which definitely hasn’t always been the case–here’s hoping it stays that way.

9. Afros:

Just in case you’re looking for a way to style your natural hair.

10. The tousled shag:

The shag–a short cut with long layers that’s tailored specifically to your face–was big in 2016, and it seems to be primed to become even bigger this year–if you think about it, it’s the perfect way to avoid brushing your hair all year. What more could you want?

11. Shaved heads:

A photo posted by Amber Rose (@amberrose) on

Call it the Eleven effect, the Amber Rose effect, call it defeating the patriarchy, call it whatever you want–if ever there was a time to straight-up shave your head, it’s probably now.

12. The “modern” buzz:

If you’re not ready to do a full shave, you can try what Elle calls the “modern buzz.” Basically, it’s just a slightly grown-out buzz that provides the effect of a shaved head, but still gives you a little fuzz to run your fingers through.

13. Whatever you want:

This year is your year, and this year you’re going to do that thing you’ve always wanted to do to your hair. Whether it’s dying it blue, getting highlights, chppoing it all off–whatever. You can do it. 2017 is the year of treating yourself, and that starts with your hair. Do it now!

Are you going to make a big chop this year? Have you seen any haircuts that inspired you? Let us know in the comments!

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