13 Albums Coming Out In 2017 To Get Excited For

If there is one thing I love more than lists (what can I say, I’m trying to be more organized this year), it’s making lists about music. Luckily, I got to combine those two activities today and bring you 13 of the best albums that are coming out in 2017. I know that 2016 was a pretty good year for music (sort of) and a pretty awful year for everything else, so it might be hard to live up to the hype, but I have hope. Unfortunately, we probably won’t be getting a new Beyonce album in 2017 (sigh), but there are some other artists that are scheduled to release some music this year and, honestly, I have pretty high expectations.

In my opinion, the most frustrating trend in music over the past few years is the “surprise album release,” which means I wake up everyday thinking “today might be the day that Taylor Swift releases her next album” and go to bed every night being disappointed that it wasn’t released.  Sure, surprise album releases can be super fun and exciting, but it also means that we don’t know when they are coming. I want to know exactly when these albums are coming out so I can prepare. What if Lorde just drops an album tomorrow, with no notice? I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. Unfortunately, I don’t have the dates (or names) for a lot of these albums, which means that they can either come out tomorrow, or eight months from now. SO, you better read up on them, since they will be on their way soon. As for Taylor Swift, I am still hoping she releases an album any day now. Check out these artist with albums coming out in 2017 that you NEED to listen too:

1. Charli XCX- TBA, Spring 2017

If I’m being honest, “Boom Clap” was a total banger, and if Charli’s next release is as good as that song, I’ll be happy. Her third album is slated to come out in May, and Charli promises it will be the “most pop thing” she’s ever done. Considering how pop her last album Sucker was, I’m sure that this will be the poppiest of pop albums. Is that even a phrase? Who knows.


2. Sky Ferreira- Masochism, Spring 2017

Sky Ferreira took a break from music after her last album in 2013, and has since continued modeling and even started acting. Last year, she ~politely~ asked everyone to stop asking her about when her second album would come out, but she has since hinted that her album would be released in 2017, so I hope it’s soon.


3. Paramore- TBA, 2017

We don’t know WHEN it’s coming, but this album is coming, and I’m SO excited. Their single “Ain’t It Fun” has been stuck in my head since it was released in 2013 and their original drummer is coming back to record on the new album, so you know it’s going to be as good as classic Paramore. Anyone else jam out to “That’s What You Get” once a week, or is that just me?


4. Avril Lavigne- TBA, 2017

Not to be dramatic but the world NEEDS a new Avril album, and 2017 is finally the year she is delivering. After taking a break from the spotlight for health-related issues, Avril says she’s back in the studio and will have a new album in 2017. I don’t know about you, but her 2002 album Let Go was, IMO, the greatest album of the early 2000’s. She strayed from her “punk princess” roots in 2013 for her self-titled album but I hope we get more hits that are as popular as the classic “Sk8er Boi.”


5. Christina Aguilera- TBA 2017

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The original pop ~queen~ hasn’t released an album since 2012, but she recently signed a deal with Universal Music, which is a pretty good sign that we should be getting music from Xtina in 2017. She has definitely been busy AF over the years, as she just finished up being a judge on the tenth season of The Voice. 


6. Haim- TBA, Spring 2017

These ladies have been keeping it pretty quiet since their debut album came out in 2013.  I mean, they’ve been an integral part of Taylor Swift’s squad over the years, but haven’t released new music. In December, they announced that they would be releasing their second album this summer, which they promise will be “more organic” than their first album. I’m not entirely sure what they mean by that but I am EXCITED.


7.  Lorde, TBA, Summer 2017

I don’t want to predict too much, but I’m pretty sure that Lorde is going to rule the world this year. Her last album, Pure Heroine, was released in 2012 when she was only 16. If she wrote songs that good when she’s 16, can you even imagine how good her new album is going to be now that she’s 20? Not to mention the fact that she’s scheduled to headline at Governor’s Ball AND Coachella, which have some fans hoping she’s releasing a dance album. We don’t know anything about the album itself, other than the fact that it’s probably going to be stuck in all of our heads this year.


8. Taylor Swift- TBA, 2017 (hopefully)

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Okay this is just wishful thinking, but Tay was supposed to release an album in 2016 and that clearly never happened. SO, many excited fans (me included) are hoping that Taylor’s sixth studio album will be released in 2017. Considering the wild year she had, I’m sure there is a lot of material for some killer songs.


9. Ed Sheeran- TBA, January 2017

Odds are, by the time you read this post, Ed’s new album will already be out. He has been tweeting some cryptic lyrics and says he will be releasing new music in 2017, so it will honestly be any day now. After being absent from social media for over a year, I’m happy to see Ed back.


10. St. Vincent TBA, Spring 2017


Here I am dressed in my favorite outfit holding my favorite guitar on the cover of Guitar World. @ernieball @pamwiggy

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St. Vincent, AKA Annie Clark, has also been quiet for a while, but promises her new album will be the “boldest work” she’s ever done. Considering how cool her 2014 album was, we can expect some awesome things from Annie when her fifth album drops sometime this spring.


11. Drake, More Life, TBA

More Life ? new project dropping in DECEMBER

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Drake was supposed to release this album in December, but that obviously didn’t happen. Drake says this project will actually be a “playlist,” or “a collection of songs that become the soundtrack to your life. Whatever it is, I hope he releases it soon, beforeall of Drake’s fans begin to hate him for (supposedly) dating JLo.


12. Nelly Furtado, The Ride, March 2017

NELLY IS BACK! I’m not talking about that Nelly, but the queen behind the ~classic~ hit “Promiscuous Girl” will be releasing her sixth album in March, which is supposedly a lot like her debut album Woah, Nelly! which came out in 2000.  Anyone remember “I’m Like A Bird” being their summer anthem? I know I do.


13. Jay Z, TBA, 2017

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While I am not normally a Jay-Z fan (I mean, I do love all of his collaborations with Beyonce), he is expected to release an album in 2017 and odds are it will somehow address Beyonce’s earth-shattering visual album, Lemonade. We’ve all been anxiously awaiting to see if Jay-Z would respond to the cheating claims and if he does, it will most likely be on this new album.


What album are you most excited for? Tell us in the comments!

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  • John Ashby

    Eminem is suppose to have a new album this yr and I’m very excited to hear it and hear what he has to say about the the crap that went down in 2016. I believe he will sell more copies than he has ever sold before and become the first artist to go emerald lol not sure if that’s a thing but it will be if not haha