We Know The Day You’re Most Likely To Be Cheated On

This post might sound a little dramatic, so I want to start out with a disclaimer that, despite what we originally said (“we know the day you’re most likely to be cheated on”), there is no way we can actually predict if you will get cheated on in 2017. In fact, I truly hope you don’t get cheated on this year, because that totally sucks. The only way to know you won’t get cheated on is to A) be in an honest and loving relationship or B) never get into a relationship ever again. Both sound pretty good, IMO. But let’s say that you are in a relationship right now. If you are going to get cheated on, according to a recent study, it will be on Monday, January 9th. That’s SOON, in case you didn’t notice.

I know it sounds weird, but there’s evidence! There is a dating site out there that is for people who want to have affairs (why does that even exist in the first place?) called Gleedon. The site, which has 3.3 million members (honestly, WTF?), recently revealed that the second Monday in January is when the most people sign up for their services. One spokesperson said that on Monday, January 11, 2016, the site saw “an increase in registration of more than 320 percent,” a trend seen throughout the month of January. Finding from a study done on 13,000 Gleedon users backed this up. Okay, WTF?


Why is this the day to get cheated on? Some people think that it’s because people feel more lonely in the wintertime. Maybe you and bae haven’t spent that much time together, and they are looking somewhere else, which is super scummy, but I’ll get into that in a minute. Another possible reason for the spike in cheaters is the fact that people might be returning back to college the second week in January, which means some long-distance relationships might fizzle out.  Others suspect that now that the holidays are over, your partner might be looking for another way to get some “excitement” in their life.

According to these findings, January is a popular time for people to cheat so that they can “regain their freedom” after the holidays. In fact, about 52 percent of people surveyed said they would be most likely to cheat around this time of year. IDK what it is about cold and dreary January weather that makes people want to cheat, but apparently it happens. Let me just tell you that if this happens to you, it’s NOT your fault. Cheaters are awful, and if you suspect your partner is cheating on you, it’s not fair at all. If their idea of spicing up their life is to cheat on you, girl, get OUT of that relationship.

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It’s also worth noting that January is considered by many to be National Breakup Month. Couples are more likely to split during this time of year than any other time. So, if you’re feeling like something is going on… uh, maybe it is. This is a good time to reconsider what you’re doing and see if you need to make a change – like getting away from a loser who might cheat on you.

The moral of the story here is that it’s important to be in a healthy and honest relationship. If you suspect that you have a partner that is cheating, it’s definitely something you should address, no matter what time of year. You deserve to feel safe and comfortable in a relationship, and not have to question your bae’s actions all the time. Good luck this winter!

Why do you think people cheat this time of year? Tell us in the comments!

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