7 Awesome Sex Positions For The Best Car Sex Ever

If you are ~sexually active,~ then you know that living with other people, whether it’s friends or family, can be… rough. Maybe you have a routine set down where you know your roommate will be gone from six to seven every Tuesday night, so that’s when you and bae go at it. Or maybe you know that nobody will be in your house for fifteen minutes after you get home from school, so you hit up your bae with a quick “come over, my parents aren’t home” text. But that can get pretty annoying. What if your mom gets home early? What if you want more time with your bae? Solution: car sex.

I’ll admit it: car sex sounds sexier than it is. In movies, it seems hot and easy and risky in a cool way, but in reality, it’s tough. It’s way more cramped than you think, getting comfortable is nearly impossible, and finding a deserted spot can be scary. But sometimes you take what you can get. And if that means sneaking out to your car to have fun with bae, so be it! Honestly, some people even prefer car sex because they think the cramped space can be a little sexy. However you feel about it, you should know that there are actually positions that will make having sex in your car not only easier, but a lot more enjoyable too. Don’t believe me? Try out these simple positions for the best car sex ever. But, I have to warn you: it’s not technically legal to have sex in your car, so be sure you’re doin’ it in the dark, or you’re parked somewhere not so public.

Are you going to try any of these car sex positions? Tell us in the comments!

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