17 Totally Bizarre Anti-Memes That Will Make You LOL

If, by the end of 2016, you found that you had begun to fancy yourself as a bit of a meme connoisseur, you’re definitely not alone. 2016 offered such a superfluity of great, truly memorable memes–Evil Kermit, Dramatic YouTuber, Honey Bun Baby, to name but a few–that it would be hard to not decide that you are the one true meme expert on this Earth. But with this high concentration of memes came the normalization of memes, which meant that there was only one place to go. The first stop, obviously, was the excellent Jersey Shore parody meme. The second? Anti-memes.


These, according to Know Your Meme, are “image macros which are typically captioned with anti-jokes and meta humor mocking a variety of internet memes.” Anti-memes are much like Wholesome Memes in that, for the most part, they are meant to be taken 100 percent at face value. There’s no hidden subtext, no surprise twist, and nothing that makes the post remarkable in any way except for the fact that appears to take the form of any other standard meme, but contains no irony or twist–which, of course, is where the real irony lies. The MemeEconomy subreddit page (which ranks and categorizes current memes in a way that mimics the stock market) has just named this meme a hard “sell,” which means that time is running out to really enjoy it. So, while you still can, check out these so-called anti-memes that will totally make you laugh out loud–or, you know, half-smile and do a little snort out of your nose or something. Either way, you should look at them here!

1. Ah, yes:

double tap for steve and his innovative liquid tube #memes #antimemes

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2. Isn’t it nice when things are just…exactly the way they appear?

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3. So straightforward:



4. These, truly, are the direct, no-nonsense memes we need to see more of in 2017:

5. Who can’t relate?


6. I mean. It’s not wrong:


7. These range from wholesome…


8. To slightly bizarre…



9. To bizarre-in-their-straightforwardness:

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10. It’s okay if you get a headache after looking at them for too long:



11. It’s really okay:



12. Your brain probably isn’t used to this much earnestness:

A photo posted by Justin :v (@justinrocksgaming) on


13. In fact, you may even feel threatened by it:

A photo posted by Shit memes (@someshittymemes) on


14. It’ll take some time to learn how to trust these memes:


15. Hmmmmm:

A photo posted by Cabbage Cat (@cabbagecatmemes) on


16. But, for once, these memes are exactly what they seem to be:

A photo posted by dj_polo (@dj_polo) on


17. Probably:

What do you think of these anti-memes? Do they speak to you, or do they make you feel empty? Let us know in the comments!

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