12 Style Rules Tall Girls Should Definitely Break

I love to read style guides to find fresh ways to wear something, but what I don’t love is when style guides start to sound more like rule books. You probably know the ones I’m talking about. “Don’t do this…” “Avoid this…” “Stay away from this…” It can start to feel a bit oppressive and boring, especially if the style guides are focused on a specific shape like tall girls.

While most tall girls do appreciate helpful shopping tips on where to find proper fitting clothes, they don’t want to feel like they can’t wear something because some so-called rule book said so. No one wants to feel like that.

If you’re a tall girl and you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed at the prospect of shopping for new clothes, don’t worry, relax. The only thing you really need to worry about it is finding things that you love. Forget about all of those silly stipulations like these style rules. These are the 12 style rules that tall girls should definitely ignore.

1. Stick with larger bags.


Who hasn’t heard the line about how a person’s bag should be comparable to the size of them? Pah. I say that you just need to worry about finding a bag that fits all of your stuff. If you’re a tall girl and you’re lucky enough that you can fit all of your necessities into a tiny clutch or micro bag, rock it.


2. Wear things at your “proper waist.”


If you’re reading a style guide for tall girls, you will probably see the phrase “awkward length” written at least five times. Pants will be an awkward length, tees will be an awkward length, skirts will be an awkward length. When it comes to the last one, guides say you should try and pull up your skirts to your natural waist so they look proportional. However, if that skirt is sitting on your hips and feels good, go with it.


3. Wear flat shoes.


Tall models almost always rock heels on the runway, but IRL, the style guides usually tell tall girls to stick with smaller heels or flat shoes so you don’t “tower over everyone.” If you can walk in the shoes, forget about what anyone says and put on your tallest pair of platform heels.


4. Be careful of mini skirts.


I always scratch my head at the one. People always comment on how blessed tall girls are to have long legs, yet they turn around and tell them to be wary of mini skirts because they will look like they’re showing “too much leg.” What? If you want to show off your legs, do it.


5. Avoiding small prints.


This is another one of those rules that they try to justify as having things that are similar to your body. Not everyone wants to wear a giant polka print or a floral print that’s so big it would also work on a rug. Sometimes tall girls prefer ditzy floral prints or fine stripes. If you’re one of them, rock those small prints.


6. Be careful of head-to-toe bright colors.


Short girls are often advised to wear bright colors to bring attention to themselves, whereas they say that too much color can be overwhelming on tall girls. If you are confident enough to rock head-to-toe yellow (or red, or orange…), do it. If you want to wear the whole rainbow at once, go for it, sister.


7. Make sure your pants are long enough.


Oh, the pants one. While tall girls do like to find pairs of pants that are actually long enough, they shouldn’t feel like they have to always choose full-length options. There are so many cropped styles like capris, culottes, ankle-length pants, and about 10,000 other variations to choose from. Wear ’em and give anyone who asks “where’s the flood?” the stink eye.


8. Wear longer T-shirts.


“You don’t want to be looking like you’re wearing a kid’s T-shirt,” said every style guide. Well, maybe you do. And maybe you love your cropped shirts whether they hit just above your hips or they go to just under your boobs. If you love your short shirts, continue to wear them.


9. Wear a belt.


Have you ever wondered what’s the deal with all the style guides talking about adding a belt on top of every look to “give you a waist?” It seems random, yet it’s always mentioned. Well, you already have a waist, and it’s up to you if you feel like drawing attention to it today with a belt or not. There’s nothing wrong if you don’t want to. Ever.


10. Go for bolder accessories.


This is just like the bag one. It’s about supposedly balancing your jewelry with your frame. I say fill up your jewelry box with whatever you like. If you’re into dainty jewelry that you can wear every single day, load up on it. If you do prefer bold pieces, wear those. Or even wear it all together.


11. Cuff too-short pants so they look “right.”


Cuffing pants is a cool look, but it’s not something that you have to do. Are those pants hitting just above your ankles and you like them that way? Then wear them exactly the way they are.


12. Avoid shrunken silhouettes.


“Cropped,” “short,” “shrunken,” and “small” can seem like bad words in tall style guides, but they don’t need to be to you. If you’re into shorter hemlines as opposed to long and billowy ones, keep on wearing them.


What other style rules do you like to break? Let us know in the comments!

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