21 Easy DIY Projects That Will Keep You Cozy And Warm This Winter

It’s winter, which means that there’s a good chance that you are experiencing weather that is cold AF right now. While I don’t mind a good snowy day, I hate that feeling where you think you might never stop shivering because the icy cold has seeped into your bones and will stay there forever. I do, however, love the feeling of warming up after being freezing. It’s one of life’s little pleasures. Keeping warm even when it’s cold outside does require a lot of different items, especially if you are always cold like myself. Instead of stocking up on lots of expensive things, why not try to make your own? There are lots of DIY projects out there that will keep you super cozy and look so cute.

The other good thing about these projects? They’ll keep you busy. When you can’t hang out outside and it gets dark by 5PM, things can get really boring. Creating something fun and useful is a good way to stay busy whether you’re relaxing or binge-watching TV and need something to do with your hands. And, like with any other DIY project, it’s nice to wear or use something that’s totally unique – somehow, that makes anything feel even cozier. Make these easy DIY projects that will keep you warm now, so that you can use them a lot the next few months. Good luck out there!

1. Make this cute tumbler cozy to keep your hands and your drink warmer. 



Instead of grabbing paper sleeves from coffee shops, use this adorable option instead. You can also use this for water bottles so that your hands don’t get too cold when holding them.


2. Use old flip flops to make sweater boots you can wear inside or outside.



Slippers are obviously amazing, but it stinks that you can’t really wear most of them outside or to run errands. Sweater boots like these have a sturdier bottom that makes them comfortable but durable.


3. If you know how to crochet or sew, make this cute slouchy hat with cat ears. 



It will keep you warm, and it makes for an adorable statement piece.


4. Or go the more traditional route with a pompom beanie:



This is a great way to use an old sweater that is ripped or no longer fits.


5. Make a super cozy giant blanket.



You don’t need to be a sewing expert to make a cozy blanket. This arm-knit blanket looks amazing and is supposed to be really fast to put together.


6. Or turn a blanket into a “coat.”



Make a blanket into a wearable poncho that will make it feel like you’re wrapped up all day long.


7. Make a pair of boring slippers more fun with this cute cat design.



You don’t need to buy new slippers, you just need to give them a fun update.


8. Make your own flannel blanket scarf.



Blanket scarves are incredibly cozy and comfortable, and they’re pretty easy to make, too.


9. Stay even warmer in boots with a pair of DIY boot socks. 



Boots on their own keep you warm, but adding socks keep you warmer and look cute. If you can’t fit chunky knit socks into your boots, this is a great option.


10. Make a cute blanket top to wear anywhere.



This kind of top is basically the coziest thing to wear all winter. You’ll never want to take it off.


11. Turn yarn and a pair of flip flops into comfy moccasins. 



Another way to repurpose old flip flops is to make them into moccasins. These are great for hanging at a friend’s house.


12. Create stylish faux fur earmuffs.



Beanies and hats are great for staying warm, but they’re not so great when they’re totally ruining your hairstyle. On the days you don’t want hat-head, try wearing a pair of ear muffs – and why not make your own?


13. Make a faux fur rug to stay cozy in your bedroom.



Cozy home decor isn’t something you can wear, but it will still keep you warm. A rug like this is great to have for chilly days when you have wood or tile floors.


14. Make reusable handwarmers for the days you need something extra warm.



These cute handwarmers are great to keep in your pocket when you know you’ll be outside for a while.


15. Get rid of the chill with an adorable headband you can wear all day. 


An old pair of knit tights is the perfect thing turn into a cozy headband.


16. Make your own mermaid blanket for optimal couch cuddling.



Mermaid blankets are adorable, and they also happen to be the perfect thing to wear when binge-watching Netflix.


17. Turn socks into stylish embellished fingerless gloves.



Gloves are obviously a winter essential, but it can be so tough to use your phone with them. These stylish fingerless gloves are functional and will still keep your hands kind of warm while looking cool.


18. Create a fabric mug cozy for coffee and hot chocolate and tea. 



Few things are cozier than holding a mug of a warm beverage. Make it even better with a cute cozy.


19. Create a no-knit cowl neck sweater for warmth without too much bulk.



Long scarves are warm, but they can be a little uncomfortable sometimes. A cowl neck scarf is less bulky but will still keep your neck warm.


20. Make slipper socks out of an old sweater.



Use an old sweater to make slipper booties you’ll never want to take off.


21. Make a fleece blanket to wrap yourself up in.



Is anything better than wrapping yourself in a fleece blanket on a cold day? Not really. Make your own for something unique.

Which one of these DIY projects is your favorite? Which one are you going to try? Let us know in the comments.

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