17 Cool Things You Need To Do To Your Dorm Room In 2017

College dorm rooms are generally something that, in their most basic, truest form, tend not to be considered particularly aesthetically pleasing. At any given dormitory at an institution of higher learning (or boarding school, for that matter) you’ll probably get some combination of the following: fluorescent lighting, off-white cinderblock walls, and yellowing linoleum floors that appear to have seen their best days around the Bush Administration. (The first one, that is.)

But what is the point of college if not to learn adaptability? Tons of intrepid, ingenious dorm room-inhabitors have pretty much mastered the art of decorating dorm rooms so flawlessly that it’s easy to forget that it even is a dorm room (you remember that viral dorm room from Ole Miss back in August, right?) All it takes is some savvy decorating. Even if this is technically your second semester, and you already have a sort of-decorated dorm room, it’s definitely not too late to transform it into the dorm of your dreams. So, check out these super cool things you need to do to your dorm room this year:

1. Hang up sting lights:


This is a pretty basic dorm room tip, admittedly, but it is a good one–string lights make any room seem warmer and cozier instantly. Put them all around the edges of your room for maximum effect.

2. Make your string lights into ~art~


If you don’t feel like exerting the effort of physically putting your string lights on the wall, you can just sort of clump them together and use thhe result as a concentrated light spot, like you see here. It still looks really cool and you don’t really have to do anything.

3. Paper lanterns work, too:


It’s true.

4. Utilize your walls:


You’re not going to have a ton of space in your dorm, so you should take advantage of your walls whenever possible. This can work for your school supplies, like you see above…

5. And jewelry:


Mount a necklace holder to your wall with Command Strips so you don’t get a fine from your RA.

6. Loft your bed:


If you don’t mind heights, lofting your bed is another great way to save space–you can stick your desk underneath so you actually have floorspace.

7. Put curtains over your lofted bed:


This transforms a regular study area to a cool, secluded hangout spot.

8. Get drawer organizers:
Drawer organizers can seem like a hassle at first, but they’re definitely worth it once you get them set up–they’ll keep your clothes from becoming a crumpled heap at the bottom of your dresser and, as a result, make it so you don’t have to do laundry as often. Win-win.

9. And cool hangers:


This way, you’ll feel inspired to actually hang up your clothes instead of designating them to the back of your desk chair or something.

10. Invest in a fuzzy throw blanket:

A photo posted by @mykindoflike on

If my constant perusal of interior design Instagram accounts have taught me anything, it is that there is nothing that has the power to make your room appear luxurious so much as a faux-fur blanket. Get one and drape it over the foot of your bed for a truly opulent feel.

11. Make your pictures serve a purpose:


Print out pictures of your friends and family and put them in a pattern on your wall (using Command Strips or that putty that doesn’t leave stains). This way, you’ll have a constant reminder of the people you love and a cool aesthetic on the wall.

12. Get your own drapes:


You’ll likely have have a set of blinds over your window when you move in, but they won’t be, like, inspiring, you know? If you can, get a pair of sheer drapes so your room feels homier.

13. Rely on natural light whenever you can:


Fluorescent lighting is nobody’s friend. Whenever you can, try and keep your blinds open–natural light will feel a lot more soothing.

14. If you can’t, get your own lights:


A woman cannot live on string lights and paper lanterns alone! Invest in a lamp with soft lighting to create a warm glow that you can still study in.

15. Make sure everything has a place:


Pick a spot for your bookbag, your books, your coat and stick to it. This will help create muscle memory and actually ensure that you put things away.

16. Put your goals on your wall:


Just as all the best Studyblrs do.

17. Put something in there that only you would do:


Such as, I don’t know. Naked Ken dolls in your succulent plants? It’s up to you!

What do you think of these dorm room decor ideas? Do you have any decorating tips? Let us know in the comments!

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