7 Weird Things That Happen To Your Body When You’re In Love

If you have ever had a crush, you probably already know that this–the act of like-liking someone–has the potential to do quite a number on your body. Your heart speeds up when you see them. You might blush a little. Your tongue (and brain, for that matter) probably seems to turn into sludge whenever you’re around them, meaning that if they say “hi” to you, you’ll probably only be able to manage something like “mrfewiofew” or “eeeeolo” in return. So, if you think about it, it stands to reason that being in love–which is basically the exact same thing as having a crush, just intensified by infinity–can have some pretty interesting effects on your body too.

“Interesting” does not translate to “bad,” by the way (you know, like your heart beating straight out of your chest, Pepe Le Pew-style), nor does it mean that you’ll suddenly get, like, amazing, super-human powers the second you happen to fall in love. It just means that there are some things that happen to your body when you’re in love that can pretty much only happen to your body when you’re in love. So, check out these weird things that happen to your body when you’re in love–you might be surprised by some of them!

Your Heart Thumps And Your Palms Sweat

Well, maybe I spoke to soon on the Pepe Le Pew thing. Being in love can increase your adrenaline levels--AKA the hormone that gets secreted throughout the body in times of excitement and/or stress--which means that your heart could be thumping a mile-a-minute whenever you're around the person you love. The good news? This is most common in the early stages of a relationship and tends to dwindle over time, which means that you won't be a super-hyper, super-sweaty mess every single time you see your SO. Just, uh, during the beginning part.

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You Lose Sleep

According to a study done on adolescents in various stages of crushing and falling in love that was done a few years ago, being in love can have a direct correlation with a loss of sleep. Basically, the euphoric feelings that love can induce makes you feel more energized in the mornings and evenings, which leads to staying awake later and waking up earlier.

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You Can Also Lose Your Appetite

Well, this is rude. Apparently, the presence of oxytocin in your body can decrease your appetite, too, which explains why food might not seem as appetizing as it used to when you're in love. Obviously, you'll still need to eat, but you might not feel as driven by food as you once were.

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You Idealize Your Partner

The presence of dopamine and oxytocin isn't always a good thing--when you're in love, these chemicals can mess with your brain so that you you'll pretty much only be able to see your bae's good side. Your friends, who don't get a rush of pleasure every time they see your SO, might have a more rational, objective perspective on them. So, keep them around and listen to them! This also means that you'll probably forget about old crushes and exes that you might have still had a thing for, at least for a little bit.

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You'll Feel ~Inspired~

Everyone needs a muse, I guess, which is why some researchers credit being in love as a major source of creativity. Apparently, people who are in love are better at focusing on long-term things rather than short-term ones, which is better for focusing on creativity-based projects.

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You Feel Intoxicated

Being in love can release hormones like dopamine, adrenaline, and oxytocin into your brain, which results in a euphoric, joyful feeling that some scientists compare to that of being on drugs. So, love gets you high, which explains a lot of really bad songs. And movie scenes. And IRL actions, probably.

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You Become Physically Obsessed With Your SO

Being in love can lower your levels of serotonin (the hormone that maintains mood balance and transmits impulses between the nerve cells), which is also common in people who have OCD. As a result, this means that you could become hyper-focused on your bae and feel unable to think about literally anything else--which, if you think about it, explains why a lot of people tend to fall off the face of the earth when they start dating someone that they're really into.

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Have you ever been in love? Did it feel like this? Let us know in the comments!

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