Quiz: Should You Ask Your Crush Out In 2017?

This year has been pretty hopeful so far. I mean, sure, we are not even a week into it, but at least these few days haven’t been as bad as 2016, right? We’ve got a lot of cool stuff to look forward to in 2017, and it’s time to be super positive and start being proactive about things. I’m talking about the age-old dilemma that we all face at one point in our lives: should you make a move on your crush this year? I know, it’s a super loaded question. But it’s new year, new you, right? Maybe this is the year you finally send that “wyd” text to a boy or girl you’ve been eyeing months.

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It can be hard to decide if you’re actually ready to go for it and ask your crush out already.  I mean, will they say yes? Will they say no? Are you even ready to be in a relationship? What do you do if they reject you? There are so many questions! But we’ve got answers. Luckily for you, this quiz is designed to help you figure out if you should actually make a move on your crush in 2017. Obviously we can’t predict your future, but we can help you decide if you should really ask your crush out this year. Take this quiz and find out!

What were your quiz results?  Are you going to ask out your crush? Tell us in the comments!

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QUIZ: Will You Be In A Relationship In 2017?

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