14 Easy Ways To Make Your Closet Look Cooler

When it comes to room decor, it’s easy to get caught up on the big picture. You’ll focus on creating cool photo collages, painting your walls, hanging up that dreamy tapestry you found on sale at Urban Outfitters, hanging up fairy lights around your bed, throwing in some succulents by your window…and that’s all well and good. But there’s also a lot of fun to be had in decor that the average person walking into your room might not see, but you will (ever single day). What am I talking about? Your closet.

Closets might not seem like the most ideal place to get creative. I mean, if your closet is anything like mine, it’s a colorful hell pit where everything is crammed and, sometimes, lost forever in the closet void. Even the most organized of closets don’t seem to have much room for creativity. But seriously, there are ways to make your closet feel as cool, unique, and you as your bedroom walls. Check out these 14 easy ways to make your closet look cooler that you’re going to want to try ASAP.


1. Get Some Aesthetically Pleasing Hangers

If you’re like me, your closet has, like, five different types of hangers in there. One of the simplest ways to make your closet prettier–and more organized–is by having one type of hanger and one type of hanger only. The second I saw these rose gold hangers I fell in love. Aren’t they effing gorgeous? Pick a color and design you like, buy a bunch of hangers in that color, and watch your closet transform instantly.


2. Utilize Inexpensive Storage Units At The Bottom Of Your Closet

It’s so easy for the foot of your closet to be a complete disaster of shoes, fallen clothing you’re too lazy to pick up, etc. So throwing in some basic organizing shelves in its place is awesome, especially if you’re trying to get more organized. Pass on the hanging shoe organizer and just get some bins, dude.


3. Use Removable Wallpaper For Your Closet’s Interior

Wallpaper is so under appreciated because people so often think of a grandma’s house monstrosity. Well, wallpaper has evolved over the years and there are some really cool designs. So why not spruce up your boring closet with some colorful wallpaper? Oh, the best part? You can buy some really amazing removable wallpaper, which is perfect for those of you who are living in a dorm or renting an apartment. You can easily remove it when it’s time to bounce.


4. Replace Closet Doors With Curtains

Dealing with a closet without doors? Or maybe your closet doors are just really ugly. Either way, you can change that up by installing some closet curtains. You can go the DIY route or you can just buy regular curtains or a really cool tapestry. If your style leans boho, this will definitely be the move for you.


5. Make Your Closet Storage Rack A Little More Chic With A Plant

Some people don’t have closets, so they have to make do with storage racks like this one. But while they might look super sleek on Instagram or Pinterest, the average person can get really messy really quickly with one of these bad boys. Prevent the urge to turn this rack into a mess by throwing a big potted plant into the mix. First of all, plants are a great addition to any room. Second of all, it’ll force you to keep your rack looking a little more tidy. You don’t want your sweater hanging from the leaves, right?


6. Mount A Wall Rack To Your Wall

If having a moving rack as your closet just isn’t for you, you can always get a wall mounted rack instead. You can show off your clothing collection in all of its glory with a little more peace of mind, especially if you have a tendency to throw your clothes all over the place.


7. Install Sliding Drawers In Your Closet

If you want a major closet overhaul, consider sliding drawers. They’re super sleek and will instantly make you more organized. You can get some reasonably priced units at IKEA.


8. Get An Awesome Mirror For The Inside Of Your Closet Door

Wish Upon A Star/ABC/Disney

Wish Upon A Star/ABC/Disney

I remember thinking that–next to Cher’s closet in Clueless–Alexia’s closet in Wish Upon A Star was amazing, especially that awesome mirror that was hanging on the inside of her closet door. You can either mount a legit mirror there or you can spice up your dorm friendly over-the-door closet mirror with a little DIY prowess, like decorating the frame.


9. Put Vintage Furniture Inside Your Existing Closet

Closet-ception right here. But seriously, this is great for those of you who are dealing with a super bare bones closet, especially if you want some help with organization. This vintage armoire provides all the cubbies, shelving, and drawers and racks in a single piece. Plus, if you love old school aesthetics, you’ll love incorporating antiques into your decor without taking up too much space.


10. Paint Your Closet Or Wardrobe

Paint is woefully underused in closets. Sure, there isn’t a ton of space to really fill with color, but a little bit goes a long way. Go for a bright color to add some much needed contrast, or a dark, dramatic color to really make your clothes pop. You can paint the outside of your closet too!


11. Create A Cool Collage On The Inside Of Your Closet Door

Make a collage that’s fun to look at whenever you open your closet door. Fill it with style inspo, quotes to live by, and other fun bits and bobs.


12. Throw Some Fake Plants Into The Mix

I know, the idea of free shelf space in a closet might sound a bit foreign to you. But sometimes we just happen to have it, or the highest shelves are just too out of reach for everyday items. Don’t just leave it empty or fill it with storage. Add some greenery with some faux plants. Yes, faux, because even the most low maintenance of plants need SOME light. A good false plant will add some freshness to even the mustiest closet.


13. Throw Some Cool Art Into Your Closet

If you have a little bit of free shelf space, throw some cool framed art there, or a cool neon lamp. If you go the lamp route, make sure you don’t just leave it on all night, however. Safety first.


14. Decorate Your Humdrum Clothes Rack With Some Fairy Lights

Using a clothes rack as your closet and want to perk it up a little bit without doing the most? Just wrap some fairy lights around it. Make sure that the bulbs aren’t actually touching your clothes though; fires are not the business.


Which of these ideas would you try? Do you have any closet decor ideas to share? Tell us in the comments!

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