8 Girls Share The Weirdest Places They’ve Masturbated

When you think about masturbating, what comes to mind? Let me guess: you, all cozy in your bed with the lights off, getting ready to go at it solo. When you think about masturbating, you don’t think about your family being around, or being in a public place where anyone could walk in on you. And yet, some people actually do masturbate in these types of situations, or in strange and different locations. And sometimes, those places are… uh, pretty unique. I’ll just say it: TBH, some girls masturbate in some pretty weird places. Hey, sometimes you can’t fight the urge! Even if you are in the dressing room at Victoria’s Secret.

I know you’re probably curious about where some girls decide to get it on with themselves, and it makes sense. It’s normal to wonder about other people’s private lives since they’re so private.  I mean, you all know how YOU masturbate, but how do other people? It’s normal to think about! Recently, a user came to our boards and asked what you’re all dying to know. Foreverlove2016 wrote, “I’m curious, What was the the most public place(s) you masturbated?” Obviously, there were a ton of answers since, hey, everybody masturbates differently! If you want to know where people have masturbated before, besides their room, of course, take a look at what these girls had to say. 

At The Movie Theater

mary556 said, "On vacation with my parents, I was bored out of my mind and they let me go to a movie by myself. The theater was completely empty, I was the only one there. Again I took off all my clothes and made myself sit there in the dark (in the back row) for one full minute while I fingered myself before getting dressed again. After I had my shirt back on and my shorts pulled mostly up, I masturbated again. I was completely alone and I didn't even try to be quiet when I came. I am sure I will get caught one day but I haven't so far."

Okay, whenever I'm in the movie theater by myself, I get super anxious about being in the dark alone. This girl totally used that to her advantage. Though I'm not sure that taking off ALL of your clothes is the best option, since theaters can get gross.

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In An Elevator

missplaced@17 said, "At the mall in an elevator."

This is...different! If you ever want to try this, keep in mind that most elevators have cameras, just so you know!

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In A Changing Room

lisa775 said, "Ok, I've done it a few times. I find myself doing it when I have a dress or skirt on. I have only made myself come one and that was in the changing room at Victoria's Secret"

I guess this makes sense, since you're in a super private and secluded place! if you get caught, you will probably get thrown out, though.

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At The Gym

sweetmirandasbi said, "A couple weeks ago I masturbated at the gym I go to after track practice. Almost got caught but didn't. I was on a stationary bike and was grinding myself pretty hard."

I'm not sure if this is the most sanitary place, but using a bike to do it is something I've definitely never heard of. Again, you should make sure nobody notices. That would get awkward fast.

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In The Car...With Your Parents

jenster said, "In the backseat of a car with my parents in the front seat. We were on vacation and I hadn't had an orgasm in a week due to lack of privacy. We were driving on a very long stretch of highway with a grooved surface that made the seat underneath me vibrate.  I put a pillow over my lap, opened my jeans, slipped my hand inside, and started to rub. My parents continued their conversation in the front seat and luckily never looked back."

I get it, vacations with your parents are the worst. You get NO alone time whatsoever. This user decided to do it anyway, when they were in the car and her parents wouldn't notice.

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In The Car, By Yourself

frankie said, "Did it once years ago in my car returning from college and I was in the middle of a traffic jam and was so horny I couldn't wait."

Okay, this could get dangerous. As long as you aren't moving it's probably fine, but I do NOT suggest masturabting while you're opperating a vehicle. It could get...messy.

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On a Plane

svetlanna2000 said, "the most public has been on the plane, on my flight to spain last summer. I was wearing mini skirt only with nothing underneath, so I covered myself with the passenger blanked and started playing. I edged 3-4 times before i finally made myself cum and the need to be really quiet totally gave me a rush."

Honestly, that's a pretty unique place to masturbate. But planes are also super small and crowded, which means you are likely to get caught. If you NEED to do it, I recommend going somewhere private, like the bathroom.

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In The Living Room

meandonlyme said, "In my living room. My family was there."

If you're down with doing it in the open, go for it. Just be sure your family doesn't notice, because that would be super awkward.

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Where is the weirdest place you’ve ever masturbated? Tell us in the comments!

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