17 Reasons Why 2017 Is Already Better Than 2016

When it comes to things that can be said about the year 2016–you know, the year that brought upon the death of Vine, the election of Donald J. Trump, and even a new meme that described how terrible, exactly the whole year really was–well, chances are good that you have already said all of those things , so I do not need to repeat them to you. Basically, it was bad. And, frankly, the few days that we’ve had in 2017 are looking far better than 2016 already.

To be fair, the bar is pretty low. (And, also to be fair, the problems that existed in 2016 existed before that year started, too, and will most likely spill over in some capacity into 2017 as well.) But the beginning of 2017, so far, does seem to be superior to the beginning of 2016, which started off with a band of rogue militia men taking over and inhabiting a wildlife sanctuary in Oregon. (Like I said: low bar.) So, check out these objective reasons why 2017 is already much better than 2016 right here:

1. I mean, sure, there are the obvious reasons as to why you shouldn’t exactly get your hopes up about 2017:


2. Some more obvious than others:


3. But, still–you’re alive. Which counts for something?


4. Speaking of being alive, Kim Kardashian is. Alive, that is:


A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on


5. Unlike this girl:

(JK. She lived.)

6. “Hollyweed:”


7. This headline:


8. These headlines, too, which more or less prove that we are all on the Truman Show:


9. Sherlock is back, if you’re into that kind of thing:


10. Also, you’ll finally get to find out what happened after…this on Orange Is The New Black:


11. The true backstory of Max and Ruby was revealed:


12. There was this…gorgeous interaction on the Wendy’s Twitter page:


13. This…dolphin? Shark? made her debut on The Bachelor:


14. The Jersey Shore/movie meme is thriving:


15. Basically, 2017 is the year of treating yourself:


16. And being unbothered:


17. And you should never let anyone tell you anything otherwise:


Are you excited for 2017? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments!

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