7 Easy Positions To Help Sex Last Longer

What is your favorite part about sex? It is the ~big O~ at the end? The fact that it never seems to end? Or do you wish that your sex sesh would last longer than it does? You’re not alone, trust me. A lot of girls want their partner to last longer during sex, or they want to last longer themselves. There is no shame in that! Sex should be fun and exciting, and you don’t want something that awesome to be over within six seconds, right? I mean, it’s fine if you do! But there are certain ways that you extend your sexual experience. After all, there really isn’t a rush, right?

If you and your bae want to have sex for hours at a time (okay, maybe not HOURS, but you get it), there are some simple sex positions that will actually make it easier for both of you to last longer. The key is to try out positions that feel good, but won’t tire you out. Sure, having some crazy, standing up sex sounds fun, but how long does that really last? Not long at all, since leg cramps are definitely a thing that happen. If you want to actually enjoy sex and let it go on for a little bit longer, take a look at these easy sex positions that will totally make you last longer in bed. Have fun!

Would you try any of these positions? What did we miss? Tell us in the comments!

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