18 Amazing Jersey Shore Movie Memes You Need To See Right Now

Last week, at some point between Christmas and New Year’s, something truly wonderful happened on the internet. This, as I am sure you are already aware, is a fairly rare occurrence–given that the marriage between social media and human nature is usually pretty bleak–but great things are possible on the internet, which became clear when Jersey Shore movie memes started trending on Twitter. These memes, if you are somehow unfamiliar, involve taking a screenshot from the seminal 2009 reality show and posting it to social media with a caption implying that it is actually a still from a classic film. (Which, arguably, it very well may be.)

Like this:

And this:

I have to admit that I have never actually seen any part of the Jersey Shore franchise (I know, I know), but, like everyone else on this earth, I am familiar with its concept and long-lasting impact on popular culture. I also know a good meme when I see one, and, for the record, this one is pretty stellar. So, check out the best Jersey Shore movie memes right here:

1. Me? I just love film:


2. It’s truly the greatest art form:


3. A classic:


4. Amazing:


5. Oh, you haven’t seen this?:


6. I mean, really–what is a classic?


7. This is:


8. I just…


9. Can’t:


10. BYE:


11. This is my favorite movie, personally:


12. And this one:


13. When will your fave?


14. This meme has expanded to include to other, equally iconic reality shows:


15. As well as scripted shows:


16. And some…meta interpretations:


17. But they will always be best in their purest form, IMO:


18. Anyway, this is a great meme. Enjoy it while it lasts:

What do you think of this meme? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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