8 Easy Ways To Be Better In Bed

If, for whatever reason, you ever decided to type “how to be better” into your Google search bar (or any other off-brand search engine, I suppose) you’d be face with four results. In ascending order, the fourth one is “how to be better at basketball.” (I don’t have much to work with with that one, sorry.) The third is, simply, “how to be better.” (Again–not much I can do there.) The second is “how to be better at math.” (I’ve got you covered on that one, actually!) And the most commonly sought-after term that people all over the world (country?) would like to better themselves in? Bed, apparently. Everyone wants to be better in bed! Here is some proof, if proof is the sort of thing you are into:


Now, if you think about it, being “better in bed” is a desire that a lot of people have, as you see above, but would also probably have a tough time really nailing down when it comes to its specifics. You know that this–being better in bed--is something you’re supposed to want, but the goal itself is so nebulous and vague (what is “better?” What is this “bed?” What is anything, truly?) that it can be difficult to do yourself. Well, if this is the case for you, don’t worry! I’ve got the specifics for you today. So, check out these easy ways to be better in bed, if that is the thing you are choosing to better yourself in today:

Have you wondered how to be better in bed before, too? Do you have any advice? Let us know in the comments!

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